yasuo rework idea by a diamond yasuo main

so here are my thoughts on it (since people are mostly crying about his early game) passive : he only gets a shield no more double crit, and the shield recharge scales with e level not level. q: base damage stays the same, scales only with bonus damage not total, leveling it up gives bonus crit chance. w: windwall duration scales with level and at levels 1-3 only reduces the damage from ranged attacks and doesnt absorb them. e: cooldown increased early but stays the same late, also as said on passive gives increased shield recharge. r: mainly stays the same (maybe reduce the damage early and make the armor pen scale with level, also make the reduced crit damage scale with r level ex lvl1 80% crit damage lvl2 85% and lvl3 is 90% ) so here are my ideas this will make yasuo weaker early, but still let him keep his lategame hypercarry potential (your opinions would be nice and apreciated) and remember {{champion:157}} "Kill me? You can try."
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