[Champion concept] Fighting Healer

Check out my other stuff : http://shams-ideas.bitballoon.com/ ___ The basic idea behind that champ would be to have a really offensive healer, every other healer we have in League is one that likes staying behind safely to heal allies I thought having to go fist fight people to be effective would be a nice and different take on the healer role ____ ##Basic stuff : * Range : melee * Ressource bar : rage (Max : 100) ____ ##Abilities : ✿**Passive : Rage** Gain 1 rage / second for every nearby ally in combat with champions Gain 5 rage when a nearby allied unit dies, increased to 50 for champion deaths Gain 0.35 to 1 base Attack damage per rage ✿**Q :** Cost : none Cooldown : medium high to medium low; scaling with rank Gain a boost of Attack and movement speed for a few seconds, while active your basic attacks fill up your rage bar ✿**W :** Cost : 2 to 10 rage per second, scaling with duration Root yourself in place and heal a nearby ally While R is active the Healing is increased but you bleed for a good amount of health over the duration of the heal ✿**E :** Costs : x rage Cooldown : medium low to low, scaling with rank Punch an enemy , knocking him back a short distance, if that target hits terrain or another champion, the target bleeds for X damage (scaling with base AD) and is slowed by 50% for 3 seconds, other targets hit by the first one take half the damage and slow ✿**R :** Cost : 100 rage For x seconds gain 100% max health and massively increase your health regen, while active your other abilities cost no rage (Let's make it clear here we're not talking mundo style 5% max hp regen / second but more something like 75-150 hp / second) ___ ##Basic ability reasoning : * Passive : The champ needs a way to dash out tons of damage * Q : A way to stick to people engaging on you and your carry, but something that wouldn't work as an engage * W: The bread and butter of the kit, a channel heal * E : As a support he also needs some kind of peel other than his heal, a small knockback fits perfectly * R : You need a way to survive being locked down in the middle of a teamfight → 100% max health seems very strong on paper, but it's weaker than Alistar's 75% damage reduction, specially since there's so much % max health damage in the game already ___ ##Pros & Cons ✔ In context if you put him in the middle of a teamfight he makes for a very good bruiser ✘ Realistically,with no mobility , you have no way to get into the middle of a fight ✔ Perfect counter to diving bruisers like jax or irelia ✘ Useless against assassins like talon or zed that will just burst your carry down ✔ Keeps your lane safe from jungle ganks ✘ No helpfull CC to help with ganks ✔ High survivability in teamfights ✘ No means to deal with poke ✔ High damage and heal values if the enemy team engages on you
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