Why Does Honor Level Reset After a Transfer?

Hello, Earlier this year, in March, I transferred from EUW to EUNE. Before I transferred, I was Honor 3 checkpoint 2/3. After I transferred, my honor level reset. "Okay." I thought to myself. "Just have to climb back up". I started seeing very slow improvement, but not nearly enough to reach honor level 5 in time. In June, I contacted customer support to see if there was an issue. No, she informed me that my honor progression was at maximum. I kept playing, and more recently, In August, I contacted customer support once again to see if there was an issue with my honor. Again, I was informed that my honor progression was at maximum. I asked him if I should expect to be honor level 5 by the end of the season, and he said not that likely. I think it's both unfortunate and unfair that I will not be reaching honor level 5 despite being at maximum honor progression throughout the year. And for what reason? Why is the honor level getting reverted back to level two after a transfer? It's not like you can use your honor level to any advantage, it just explains your behavior as a player.
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