Hide & Seek Rules of 2016

Hello summoners! If you are new to the custom game mode called "Hide & Seek" here are the rules of the game. 1. Hide & Seek is played on Crystal Scar map 2. It has to be a draft mode 3. There are 5 hiders and 2 seekers 4. You can't capture points 5. Game is played until each hider loses his 5 lives, or if hiders keep hiding until 40 minute mark 6. Hiders can only use CC abilities (Silance, Stun, Slow, Snare, Fear, Knock back, Knock Up, Charm) 7. Seekers can use every ability they have 8. Becouse some things will be unbalanced some things must be prebanned. Items Any Damage Item ( for hiders) Guardian Angel Champions For Hiders: Kassadin- Kassadin is prebanned due to his ultimate being able to spam and be uncatchable. Teemo- Teemo is prebanned due to his passive letting him be stealthed permanently. Evelynn- Evelynn is prebanned due to her passive being stealthed the whole time. For Seekers: Rengar-Rengar is prebanned due to his ultimate being able to see trough the fog of war and see stealthed units. Twisted Fate-Twisted Fate is prebanned due to his ultimate being able to reveal every champion on the map. Rek'Sai-Rek'Sai is prebanned due to her passive allowing her to get radar of enemy's movement and that can reveal stealth units. Kalista-Kalista is prebanned due to her W allowing to seek a bush to check if enemy is there. 9. Hiders can use only Flash and Ghost as their summoner spells, seekers can't use Clairvoyance as their summoner spell. 10. If a Hider goes into fauntian or recalls, he loses 1 life. Casting non CC spell on a seeker will lead to losing 1 life. Capturing a point will lead to instant elimination. Those are the rules of Hide & Seek custom game mode. Hope you enjoy!
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