How a real Veigar rework should look like

Okay, so I don't really like the new Veigar rework. His ultimate is now a glorified ranged Garen ult, coupled with the fact that you can now stack on enemy champions with any ability (really?), I'm assuming they're doing this only so you can now play him support. What I'm suggesting instead will still make him feel like Veigar, but not the lazy Veigar sitting back half the game stacking his ability power. That mechanic is really old and boring to be honest. Let me present: **Stolen AP** Veigar is a dark mage that preys upon his victim's powers to overcome them. He absorb their own power and uses it against them. Stolen AP taps into an enemy champions' hidden energy pool and gives Veigar AP based on the damage dealt to enemies. This buff only lasts a few seconds however, so time your skills accordingly for maximum punishment. Also, your ult should scale with stolen AP only. Bear with me on this one. Basically the damage Veigar's ultimate does is based on how much damage you do with your Q and W spells. It's no longer a spell that deals craptons of damage from simply running up to an enemy and pressing R. You have to combo it with your other spells for maximum damage. Your Q should also no longer stack AP, but the scaling of all your spells go up to compensate in late game. Also, the stolen AP duration resets and stacks on continuous spellcasts, so if you can get enough cooldown reduction you will deal increasingly more damage as you keep hitting enemy champions. I think his spells themselves are fine, this is a change to make Veigar's kit more interactive with each other, making a EWQR-combo a really strong tool, instead of just dodging skillshots until your teammates lower them to under 30%, and then executing them with R. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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