Fleshed-out game Mode Concept: Left4Kled

The games basic layout is to eliminate all AI enemies as a team of 5 'survivors' {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} **In** my mind, this would require a larger skinline of zombie themed skins, including Deathmount Kled as the zombie leader for the gamemode, and 1 or 2 other zombie themed champion skins for diversity of enemies. **The** initial phase of the game is the five survivors spawn in at the fountain that is reskined as some sort of transportation to escape, perhaps a hot air balloon or hextech wagon. **Initially**, zombie enemies will spawn in the opposing jungle and make their way through either the lanes or the jungle towards the allied fountain/escape vehicle. **The** enemy base will be completely blocked off with a wall, and the base is filled with a variety of zombie enemies that are trapped there for the meantime, but slowly break down the wall. **For** the first 15 minutes, the surivors must kill the zombie enemies spawning in the opposing jungle to prevent them from destroying the escape vehicle and to gain gold to spend at their base. **If** an allies hp reaches 0, they become wounded. Another ally may click on the wounded ally to channel for 5 seconds while out of combat to revive them and receive some gold. If a wounded ally is not revived within 15 seconds, they are killed for the remainder of the game and may spectate the remainder (or leave the game but still receive ip/mission rewards. **Gold** received from killing zombies can be used in the store to buy regular items, but also various traps that can be placed around the map to deal devastating damage to the undead. **Some trap ideas:** * Hexpulse mine A mine that can be placed on the ground, 1.5 seconds after being stepped on by undead, will explode violently dealing heavy damage to enemies in the center of the blast and stunning them for 2 seconds. Enemies on the outskirts of the blast take light damage and are lightly slowed. * Garrison Places a watchtower on the map, watchtowers can be targeted by the undead and 20% of the damage applied to the tower is inflicted on the champion mounted atop it. Survivors mounted on the watchtower have a large boost in attack range and vision range. * Autoturret Places a small hextech turret that constantly fires upon undead in the vicinity with a high(ish) health pool. * Pitfall Places a pitfall trap half the width of a lane, and 400 units long. 1 second after being stood on by undead, opens up into the ground. Any undead on the pitfall fall in and are instantly killed. The pit remains there for 30 seconds, acting as terrain to block survivors and undead alike. * Mounted flamespitter A mounted flamespitter that can be placed on walls, any undead walking between the flamespitter and any terrain within 1400 units will trigger the flamespitter, dealing heavy damage over time and slowing enemies for 3 seconds. * Hexwelder Replaces the trinket slot, can be used by survivors to give allied structures and traps rapid hp regeneration for a short time. medium-high cooldown. **For** the first 15 minutes, a steady stream of undead advance from the enemy jungle, including unmounted zombie kleds. This time is used by the survivors to defend the escape vehicle and get gold from slaying undead in order to place traps for the impending horde attack. **A** single mounted kled with a very high health pool and damage is held in the base along with a massive horde of undead that rapidly and steadily spawn. After 15 minutes, the undead break through the walls at the enemy base, slowly advancing toward the survivors and escape vehicles, attempting to destroy any structures or survivors in their path. **The** undead monsters based off champions have a basic rendition of their regular skills, but basic attacks from undead apply a decent damage over time effect as they infect the survivors for 4 seconds. **Upon** the mounted kled undead leader becomes under 50% hp, it will charge at the survivors down the mid lane towards the escape vehicle, granting movement speed to the other undead walking on the kled-ult path. **If** the survivors manage to defend the escape vehicle against the advancing horde for 5 minutes then the escape vehicle is ready to use and the survivors escape, and therefor win the game.

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