Irelia Rework! *Idea*

{{champion:39}} Irelia rework was in the riot schedule to do as **visual **rework and **gameplay **rework in this : So i had ideas for that rework demonstrates her character and lore so, let's start fist with the visual rework then the gameplay rework to make things more clear 1. **Visual rework**: Irelia is as an Ionian,she fights with her inner peace and fresh mind ,**balanced **to keep the **core **in her heart safe and stable but when it gets **more power** or irelia **lose focus** the balance is **disturbed**, it set lose for the power kept in it ✪**She uses 2 floating ionian blades near her as a melee fighter controlee by her mind and the control of the core** ✪**_The old core of irelia's weapons is now placed in her heart that impowers irelia mind control when balanced_** ✪**Irelia got aura blades that she makes herself ((colored: light blue, Periwinkle blue)) floating over her** When irelia losses the control her power turns into the aura of **corruption**((orange red,red)) and the core is more powerfull than her in this state getting out her heart and body and in that case the core **controls irelia** to fulfill her corrupting desire . . . . 2. **Gameplay rework**: {{champion:39}} **Passive{blades will}** : irelia **generates** a blade every **7/6/5/4s** (by level) generating full amount of blades **(8)** irelia gets **+12% more damage** , **15 armor** ,**5 magic resist** and **10/20/35% attack speed** for **3s** , having half the number of blades gives irelia +15 armor and 10magic resist **only**. When irelia gets the full amount of blades she generates,a count down from **3s **starts when finished **2** extra blades for **4s** **combines **with the 2 blades she is fighting with making her basic attacks gain a **huge Range** _like 300?_ **IF** irelia keeps at least **4** blades not using them, blade number **1**,**3**,**5**,**7** one by one evolves in **3s** to _greenish colored blades_ that deals **extra dmg** and **heal** irelia for **45%** of the DMG delt **BY THE AURA BLADE** if irelia got hp **less** than **90%**,if **not** the blade is **refunded** after being used * I see you saying this is broken **=D** but let me clarify how **Generating** works : Irelia gets the **1st and 2nd** blades In **7s** One by one : 7*2= 14s Then The **3rd, 4th,5th,6th,7th** are generated In **8s** One by one : 8*5= 40s That's **54s** of Patience You bet to get a reward of 2extra blades for more ranged basic attacks and Attack Speed _(Timing lowered 1s by leveling marked)_ When the 5th blade is generated The 1st , 3rd will start to turn to *Green blades* For the extra heal and another reward for the patience u Could handle 🌟**Irelia uses the last blade generated first then the ones past it** Done with The Full new passive finally @_@" {{champion:39}} **Q{stedy}** : Irelia **charges** to an enemy unit dealing dmg ,the dmg is **incresed** if irelia got blades that **1** blade charges to the enemy unit struck by **Q** dealing extra dmg (**unblockable**) if the target **dies** by the **Q** only it's cooldown is **refreshed** , the blade launches to **any enemy champion closer to it** ,or any enemy units **if** no champions around, if no enemies are close to irelia she gets **extra** blade **instantly** ((**impowered by W**)) {{champion:39}} **W{focused}** **_(*high&low cooldown*)_** ,**(*2cooldowns in 1*)** Pressing the ability **twice** before **3s** count down ends will make Irelia **channel** her base making it to raise her health and mana regenerate for **8s** **(high cooldown)** pressing the ability **only once** and wait for **3s** empowers the blades she have to **deal more damage** by any skill for **12s** _even the one she is generating_ **(lower cooldown)** {{champion:39}} **E{cut}** : ((**no cooldown**)) Irelia **shoots** a blade in a skill shot when ability pressed lunches **throw** enemies **if** a blade strikes an enemy champion it deals **3 more attacks** to it putting the champ on **8s** CD to not take the **3 slashes bonus damage** rather it will only gets **E** damage **If** the thrown blade meets no champions the remaining aura leaps back to irelia decreasing the cd of the passive by half ((**empowered by W**)) {{champion:39}} **R{inner Rage}** : Irelia's **core** from her heart is set out her for **9s** **lowering** her resistance by **25%** but giving her **40%** more dmg and **60%** attack speed for **3s** and **refreshes** all **W** and passive cooldowns by giving her **4** blades **OR** if her blades are full she get **3 Green Blades** When the ability is over irelia is **Stuned** for **0.7s** as the Core is pulled back to irelia **loses -25% basic attack dmg and -40% movment speed for 2.5s after** The concept of this rework is more headed to be based on Patience, that if she want to deal most lethal DMG she must wait for even all 8 Blades to be generated and Q to the target ,for the bonus range she gets she can stick to the target more with less dmg and fire all her blades o the target ANd ulting if the target is not dead to refresh more blades to fire the **AS THE E COOLDOWN IS BY THE PASSIVE COOLDOWN** ((no cooldown even between casts)) . . . i hope u liked that rework and i really want to know your thoughts So give me all you got in the comments I made also An Aatrox rework before You can check it out in this Boards Link: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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