What new players need as they start playing league

Alright so I thought about this for awhile and we can all agree on the fact that the new player tutorial to legaue is horrible. They learn only what buttons to press, that you should lasthit and that towers should die (as far as I can remember) My opinion on what you should learn from the tutorial demands a little bit more time used but it explains a lot more. First Phase Summoners rift throughtout the first phase of the tutorial you'll get to know the lanes and what campions are most commonly used there. You'll play a little bit as adc botlane with bot support, maybe stage an encounter where your support engages, then you switch to support, jungler, top and mid with a champion for each role, showing tips for what other champions are usually played on that lane. Second Phase Trough second phase you'll get to learn some more about laning phase. Set a bot as jungler who will gank, then tell about warding and what bushes to ward. Tell them to lasthit 30 minions and how good of a gold income this is. Stage some encounters with tips on who to focus with videos explaining these things. I think summoner spells should be a part Third Phase Mid game is the focus here. Dragons, rotations, split push, teamfights and whatever. Not so sure how this should be done.... So what do you guys think? Sounds like something that would take too much time or is it what we need? Tell me! My opinion is that we need SOMETHING and this is the best I could think of. https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/2014-05/enhanced/webdr05/27/15/anigif_enhanced-5233-1401218977-18.gif _~~Red panda gif so I dont dissapoint~~_
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