Maybe i played ranked for over 1k hours to reach diamond rank. However even i reach any rank above gold , i cant get any rewards that i earn cause of honor level. I dont want to any other honor rewards. I JUST WANT TO GET MY RANKED REWARDS WHICH I DESERVE. Ranked rewards should not be related with honor levels. I reach diamond , i just want to my border and icon , nothing more. When you hit honor level 0 there is no way to climb again honor level2 in 1 or 2 months. I have never said something bad about elo,meta , matchmaking.. but this one makes me really sad and mad. I spend a lot of money , time and i have no regrets. Make honor rewards more flashy and please dont touch the border and icons. I only want to something from you Riot. thats my 1k hour reward , that should be my LABOUR REWARD not my honor level reward. Just think about that (sorry for my bad english)
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