An Idea how to prevent people from sitting in any League with Low MMR

so I am currently sitting in Dia 5 with a 47% winrate getting 14 LP per win and losing 22 LP per lose. My main position is AD Carry and with these kind of LP gaining stats i cannot climb the ranked ladder. I may not be good enough to play in high dia, that's right, but I have an idea how to prevent people like me having such a bad MMR at all. The MMR is as far as I know a hidden MMR ranked system where we get and lose some hidden MMR Points for every win or lose based on our teammates MMR and the enemies MMR. My Idea would be something like a button, where I would be able to go down onto where my MMR currently is. here's an example: My MMR is obviously lower than the average Dia V MMR. with the button i would get demoted into the league my MMR is set in. So I would accept to get demoted to e.g. Platinum II, where my current MMR would be average // good in. I would get a good amount of LP for a win again and I would lose a fair amount of LP aswell. From there it's in my hands wether I show how skilled I can be and climb to the Diamond Ladder again with a better MMR, or I will stay in that league where my MMR is set in because I am not good enough. This would just prevent people from sitting a whole season in {any league} 5 or 4 and it would give them the opportunity to start their climb with a better MMR again. In my opinion a button or system like this would be really fair to all players who want to make use of this. PS: sorry if there are some mistakes, my english is not the best. Have a good day =)
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