[champion concept] Sianna - The Gifted One

**Sianna - The Gifted One** Sianna is a little superhero for people of Runeterra. She is a very mobile jungler with decent damage and teamfight-oriented abilities. She's best built as a hybrid of a tank, an ability power spellcaster, and an attack speed fighter. **Lore** (brief sketch) No one knows where she originally came from. Sianna just appeared one day as a small girl. She looked lost, hungry, and she didn’t know how to speak the local language. A family took her in and raised her as one of their own. Only a few years later she started showing extraordinary physical strength and soon after even previously unknown magical powers. At first her fellow villagers and even her new family were scared, but as she started using these powers to help others, they accepted her as their little guardian angel. Now a grown woman, Sianna fully developed her powers and she travels the lands of Runeterra fighting for the weak and defenseless. **Passive - Power of the Stars** Instead of mana, Sianna harnesses the power of the stars. She can have up to 5 Power stacks that provide her with bonus armor and magic resistance, and bonus damage on her basic attacks. Dropping below certain health thresholds decreases the maximum number of Power stacks she can have at one time. Sianna regenerates 1 Power stack every 10/8/6/4 seconds (at levels 1/6/11/16), or whenever a nearby ally drops below 40% health (60 seconds cooldown per ally). This only triggers if she’s not at maximum stacks already. For every 20% of maximum health she is missing, her maximum number of Power stacks is reduced by 1 (down to 1 at 20% health or less). Each Power stack gives her 0.5-9 (at levels 1-18) [+5% of her total armor] bonus armor and 0.5-9 (at levels 1-18) [+5% of her total magic resistance] bonus magic resistance. Her basic attacks deal bonus physical damage equal to [5% of her total attack damage + 5% of her ability power] for each Power stack she has. **Q - Lightspeed Lunge** Target: Point, Range: 350, Cost: 1 Power stack, Cooldown: 8/7/6/5/4 s Sianna lunges to the targeted location with incredible speed dealing 50/80/110/140/170 [+25% of her total attack damage] [+25% of her total ability power] physical damage to all enemies in her path. She stops at the first enemy champion, large or epic monster, dealing the same damage to him and slightly knocking him back. **W - Cold Star** Target: Self-Cast, Range: 400, Cost: 1 Power stack, Cooldown: 13/11.5/10/8.5/7 s Sianna sends out a freezing magical wave in all directions that deals 70/115/160/205/250 [+50% of her ability power] magic damage and applying an 80% slow decaying over a 1 second long duration. Deactivates Atomic Chaos if it’s active. **E - Atomic Chaos** Target: Self-Cast, Cost: 1 Power stack, Cooldown: 1 s (after effect ends) For the next 3-5 seconds (at levels 1-18) Sianna becomes pure energy. During Atomic Chaos she can walk through units, towers, and terrain created by champions. She gains 10/15/20/25/30 bonus movement speed and 16/24/32/40/48% increased attack speed. She will also regenerate her Power stacks twice as fast during the duration of the spell, but she loses all armor and magic resistance gained from her passive. She can reactivate the spell to end the effect early. **R - Supernova** Target: Self-Cast, Range: 1000, Cost: None, Cooldown: 150/130/110 s After a short channel Sianna spends all of her remaining Power Stacks and creates a massive explosion which deals 140/220/300 [+70% of her ability power] magic damage to all enemies hit, increased by 10% for every stack spent. Enemies that are close to her (in 400 range) are knocked back (over up to 200 units). She then regains 20% [+1% for every 30 ability power she has] of her missing health and regains up to 1/2/3 Power stacks. Can only be cast if Atomic Chaos is active.

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