Champion Concept

LORE : For the lore i will ask you guys to write something you deem worthy of this ability set i have in mind I will leave the name also to you guys. Passive: Unbreakable bonds X creates a bond with all the nearby champions once they stood near him long enough. Aoe 350 Time to activate 4 seconds Q: Friend or Foe Upon activation the nearest champion will receive a 50/80/120/150/180 +(0.3 Ap) heal or the same amount as damage depending if its a enemy or a friendly champion. Cost 100 mana at any level Aoe 400 CD 12/11/10/9/8 If the champion is affected by unbreakable bonds it will take a 50% slow or get a 50% bonus movement speed W: Armony x Creates a medium area where nobody can auto attack or use spells against other champions that lasts for 4 seconds those inside the area take 10/15/20/25/30 less damage from those outside the area that damage them. Range 350 Aoe 250 Cost 200 CD 20 If a champion is affected by unbreakable bonds it will take 10/20/30/40/50 damage per second or will be healed by the same amount if its an ally. E:Voice of reason X dashes forward linking all the nearby friendly champions and draining the hp from everybody or heals them until everybody has at least 30/35/40/45/50 %hp the links disappear if X its attacked or if nobody its above the certain amount of hp AOE 500 , COST 150 CD 14 R:Tranquility X brings all the the nearby ally champions to his position after a 2 second channel healing them according to 20/30/40% of his current health Aoe 600 cd 200 COST 30/40/50 % of his current health Hope you like it even if its kind of a lazy idea.

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