legendary skin for karthus: arklight Pope Karthus

well basicaly an arklight karthus that prech about the teaching of the arklight, basicaly the Pope of the arklights, since kartus himself is kinda the Pope of the shadowislends. he's apearence would be that of a man in his 40s, look both mature but still kinda young, his outfit would be made of both wight and gold fabrics, but also that angelic light yorik have on his back, and carry a scepter with the arklight version of the cross (maybe yoriks holly maden or somthing else). his Q would have a "purification" feel to it, almost as if he was clensing the spot he Qed. his W would summon the 2 side pilars out of the sky, and they would be made out of that angelic light, as for the wall, it would be golden but with a bit if rainbow colors mixed in them. his E moul almst feel a light oulsating out of him, there would be no rotation, but it would be thic and bright anough to make him look holly, and be clear in the gameplay his R is the best part: - he can stab his scepter in the ground, kneel befor it in a praying position and cast his ult, 6 angel like wings made of rklight would slowly sproot out of his back, and once fully expanded, they would flash when the ult would be casted, he would then be in this form untill he dies just like leona's legendary skin. - the ult would feel like a solar leona's ult, with angel songs as sfx, like the light from the heavens slowly fokusing on the target, and similar to her's, it would draw magic formulas above the target, in the arklight style, just like Mystgun strongest attack from fairy tail. -he's post ult apearans would give him an arclight halo over his head, biger than yorick's, is septer would also get some arclight decorations and halos, the golden fabriks on his clothing would shine
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