DusKK's list of concepts

EDIT: The list has been moved to make it clearer.[ It can be accessed here.](https://duskk693.wixsite.com/concepts/league-concepts) _**Champions**_ Arthur, the sword lover * Blade of power (_passive_): Every time Arthur uses an ability, his next ability is empowered. * Fire blade (_Q_): Shoots a blazing wind dealing damage to every enemy it passes through. Increases the next abilitie's area of effect. * Ice seal (_W_): Arthur strikes the ground with his swort and emits an ice wave after a short delay. Enemies touched by the wave are rooted and take damage. The next ability will slow its targets based on their remaining health. * Mountain crusher (_E_): Arhtur jumps near an enemy unit and crushes it. Deals damage around Arthur and knocks up minions and monsters. The next ability will emit an echo after a second, dealing 15% its original damage. * Murderous ritual (_R_): After a short cast, drains enemies around arthur of their blood dealing them damage. Arthur's next basic attack will deal additional damage for each champion drained. The next ability will make its targets bleed, dealing damage over time depending on the amount of enemies drained by __Murderous ritual__ (up to 3). Summary: An aggressive duelist harassing his opponent before going in for the kill, similiarly to how old Aatrox worked. Fred, Awesome archer * Splendid shot (_passive_) : Activate to spawn a __waypoint__. Fred's basic attacks and __Three birds__ will always go to the __waypoint__ before heading to their intended target. A __waypoint__ can be destroyed by enemies' basic attacks. If a __waypoint__ is destroyed, no other __waypoint__ can be created. * Aim (_Q_): Fred throws an apple, sticking to the first enemy unit it touches, or stay still if it reaches its destination. If one of Fred's arrow hits the apple, it destroys it and deals additional damage. * Blind shot (_W_): Increases Fred's attack speed. If Fred is between his __waypoint__ and its basic attack's target, his basic attacks deals additional damage based on target's missing health(1~4%). * Three birds (_E_): Shoots an arrow that splits in three upon reaching a __waypoint__ (if there is no __waypoint__, the arrow splits in front of Fred). Upon spliting, each arrow deals damage to the first unit it reaches and can hit an apple. * Climax (_R_): _passive_: If Fred is be his __waypoint__ and his basic attack's target he gets a stack of __showman__. _active_: Shoots a giant arrow in the sky. While the arrow is in the air, Fred can target an area on the map to designate an impact target. When falling, the arrow deals heavy damage in a small area. If a unit is killed by the arrow, it consumes all __showman__ stacks and gives the nearest ally a gold for each stack of __showman__ consumed. Summary: A hyper-carry oriented marksman that tries to grow as fast as possible with his ultimate. Dexter, Shadow of nightmare * Dream devourer (_passive_): Dexter drains a part of champions (_2~3%_), large monsters and large minions hit by his abilities. * Lullaby (_Q_): Dexter a slow wave that puts to sleep all ennemies it passes through, then deals them damage when they wake up. __Avatar's Ascension__: The avatar draws a line. All units on this line are moved in the directin of the line. Enemies take damage. * Nightmare domain (_W_): Dexter contaminates the area around him. The contaminated area slowly expands itself up to its maximum size. While Dexter is in the contaminated area, all healing effects he receives are increased. Allies in the contaminated area receive __Dream devourer__'s healing. __Avatar's Ascension__: Drains the health of all enemies around the avatar. * Shadow step (_E_): Dexter does a small dash. Every unit he passes through takes damage and is feared. __Shadow step__'s range is increased if it can pass through a sleeping unit. Sleeping units take additional damage. __Avatar's Ascension__: Creates a trap on the ground. Enemis that walk on the trap are rooted and take damage over time. * __Avatar's Ascension__ (_R_): Dexter summons an avatar whose stats depend on Dexter's. While the avatar is summoned, Dexter doesn't take damage but can't attack, and his spells are replaced by the avatar's. The avatar follows Dexter. If __Avatar's Ascention__ is used near an allied __Avatar's Fall__, they fusion and their stats depend on both Dexter 's and Sinestra's. Summary: a tank/mage that has a good burst, but can't kill his enemy easily without his ultimate. Sinestra, resoled inquisitor * Burning passion (_passive_): Moving and attacking generates stacks of __pasion__. When reaching 100 stacks, Sinestra's next basic attack will consume all stacks of __passion__, healing her and the nearest ally champion. * Fanatic rage (_Q_): during the next few seconds (_~5_) each of Sinestra's basic attack will increase her attack speed and lifesteal (up to 5 times). __Avatar's Fall__: Emits a beam that rotates around the avatar. Each enemy hit by the beam will be __marked__. After a full rotation, throws missiles on each enemy __marked__, dealing them damage. * Purifying rites (_W_): Sinestra throws a spear that stops on the first enemy it touches, dealing them damage and __marking__ it. While Sinestra sees the __marked__ target, each healing effect on Sinestra will deal damage on the __marked__ target. __Avatar's Fall__: The avatar charges then shoots a large projectile with high range. * Take out (_E_): If Sinestra is out of combat, she flies and become temporarily untargetable, gaining in movement speed. __Avatar's Fall__: The avatar designates an area. After a few seconds, enemies that have dealt a high amount of damage become disarmed and silenced. Those ennemies get briefly grounded upon leaving the area. * __Avatar's Fall__ (_R_): Sinestra summons an avatar whose stats depend on Sinestra's. While the avatar is summoned, Sinestra doesn't take damage but can't attack, and her spells are replaced by the avatar's. The avatar follows Sinestra. If __Avatar's Fall__ is used near an allied __Avatar's Ascension__, they fusion and their stats depend on both Dexter 's and Sinestra's. Summary: An easy-to-use markswoman that has a good sustain, and can turn into a deadly glass cannon. Paradox, the released one * Insatiable claws (_passive_): Paradox's basic attack drain their target's mana (_2~5_). * Merciless (_Q_): Paradox's next basic attack will hit 3 times. Damage and on-hit effects are divide by 3. After this attack, Paradox falls back. * Predator's instinct (_W_): Paradox sweeps the area in front of him with his claw, knocking back monsters and minions hit. The first champion hit is __marked__. After a short delay, Paradox jumps on the __marked__ target, dealing it damage and applying on-hit effects. * Jump (_E_): Paradox jumps on a nearby enemy, dealing it damage. * Full assault (_R_): Paradox gains attack speed and range. During __Full assault__, his basic attacks make him jum on the other side of his target. Summary: A duelist that harasses his prey with guerilla tactics. Claude, the philanthropist * Enchanted beard (_passive_): Claude's basic attacks deal additionnal magic damage. Attacking a champion or large monster reduces his basic abilities' cooldown. * Gift (_Q_): Claude throws a __box__ on the ground. While the __box__ is on the ground it periodically changes color between __red__, __green__ and __blue__. When an ally walks on the __box__, he takes it and receive a bonus based on the __box__'s color. __Red__: Next basic attack or single-target ability will deal additional damage. __Green__: Heals. __Blue__: Increases movement speed. * Gold digger (_W_): _passive_: Claude's basic attacks on champions gives a gold to the nearest ally. _active_: Claude's next basic attack heals Claude based on the magic damage it dealt. * Kindness (_E_): Increases the targeted ally's armor and magic resist. * Generosity _(R_): Claud jumps on his wagon, gaining movement speed over the duration. While he is in his wagon, Claude periodically throws __boxes__ behind him. Summary: A support that can prepare an ideal fighting stage for his team before a fight. Mayhem, he who stays in the shadows * Advanced calculation (_passive_): If Mayhem is not seen by his target, it receives additionnal damage. Mayhem always sees his ennemies healthbars as if all his attacks and spells applied __Advanced Calculation__. * Murder (_Q_): Mayhem charges then shoot a powerful bullet that deals damage to the first enemy unit hit. If the target has less than 50% health, it receives additionnal damage based on its missing health. __Murder__ can critically strike. * Spying (_W_): Mayhem places a visible ward on the ground, giving vision around it for his team. If the ward is destroyed, the unit that destroyed it is briefly slowed and takes additionnal damage from __Murder__. * Guerilla (_E_): Mayhem instantly leaves combat and gains out-of-combat movement speed. * Optical camouflage (_R_): Mayhem enters __stealth__. Moving or attacking makes Mayhem leave __stealth__. Summary: a sniper-like jungler that relies on effective cooperation with his teammates. Ifan, master of spirits * Medium (_passive_): If Ifan targets himself with his abilities, he gains additionnal stats while he is affected by the ability. * Eagle imbue (_Q_): _On ally_: Increases attack range and vision. ally's vision can go through walls. _On ennemy_: throws an eagle that deals damage to all units it passes through. __Medium__: Ifan gains adaptative power. * Snake imbue (_W_): _On ally_: The target's basic attacks bounce on up to two other enemy units, dealing damage over time that can be stacked up to 3 times. _On enemy_: Throws a snake spirit that roots the first enemy unit it touches. If the target is a large monster or champion, Ifan receives heal over time. __Medium__: Increases attack speed. * Bear Imbue (_E_): the target gains adaptative power, but its attacks and spells can damage its allies. If it kills its ally, the gold and experience bounties are given to its nearest enemy champion. __Medium__: Increases Health point. * Human imbue (_R_): _On ally_: Temporarily increases the target's level, but without gaining ability point. _On enemy_: All the target's basic abilities are put on cooldown, and their cooldowns are reduced by 50%. __Medium__: Increases level by 1. Summary: A bulky mage that always has to choose between helping his team, disabling his enemies, or growing himself. Ardcain, the relentless * Ace (_passive_): Every 11 seconds, his next basic attack will deal additional damage and pass through its target. __Ace__'s cooldown is reduced with each basic attack, or upon __returning__ the __orb__. * Bouncing orb (_Q_): Ardcain throws an __orb__. The __orb__ will deal damage to the first eney unit it hits. If it is a champion, it bounces back. * Backhand (_W_): Ardcain strikes in a small curve in front of him, dealing light damage to enemies it hits. If __Backhand__ hits an __orb__ it __returns__ it to its last target and __Backhand__'s cooldown is refunded. * Forehand (_E_): Ardcain strikes in a large area in front of hil, dealing high damage. If __Forehand__ hits an __orb__ it __returns__ it in the direction Ardcain is facing. * Smash (_R_): Ardcain violently strikes in front of him, dealing damage to enemies hit. If __Smash__ hits an __orb__ it returns it to its last target, dealing increased damage and passing through all units. An __orb returned__ by Smash can't bounce again. Summary: A marksman that compensates his low ability to clear waves with a good harassing potential. Aaron Tri, the demolisher * Foolish dementia (_passive_): All of Aaron Tri's magic damage are converted into physical damage. * Dragon's Breath (_Q_): Cost: 10% Mana. During the next 2 seconds, Aaron Tri's basic attack will splash, dealing magic damage in a line. Area of effect length and width increase based on mana consumed. __Super Dragon Armor of Deadly Death__: creates an additional line in a cross shape. Enemies hit by both lines receive only 20% of the second line's damage. * Let's Say It's A Dragon's Egg (_W_): Throws 3 bombs in a cone. Bombs deal magic damage and slow every units they pass through by 30% and stop upon hitting a champion. __Super Dragon Armor of Deadly Death__: Bombs are larger, and explode when hitting a champion or when reaching their destination. Units hit by the explosion are slowed by 60%. * Dragon Roar (_E_): Creates a small wall in front of Aaron Tri. This wall reflects the next projectile that passes through it. The reflected projectile will deal its damage to the first enemy unit it hits. __Super Dragon Armor of Deadly Death__: Aaron Tri dashes while setting up the wall. * Super Dragon Armor of Deadly Death (_R_): Aaron Tri releases his armor to full power, gaining Ability Power and Armor. While __Super Dragon Armor of Deadly Death__ is up, Aaron Tri's basic ability are empowered. Summary: A marksman that relies on his abilities to get short bursting phases. Beryl, the steel maiden * Knight weaponry (_passive_): Beryl's basic attack get different bonuses based on her current weapon. __Lance__(_default_): Attack range is increased by 75. __Sword__: Basic attacks cleave in a cone-shaped area, dealing small damage. __Axe__: Basic attacks deal additional physical damage. * Pin (_Q_): Beryl throws her __Lance__ to the designated area. When reaching its destination, the __Lance__ deals damage in a small area, and if it hits a champion, it _pins_ the champion the closes to its center. A __pinned__ champion is automatically pulled back after the first time it gets too far from __Pin__'s location. While the spell is on cooldown, Beryl can't use her __Lance__. __Pin__ can't be used if the __Lance__ is __broken__. * Heavy swing (_W_): Beryl swings her weapon in front of her dealing damage to enemy unts hit. Beryl gains armor for each champion hit. After the swing, Beryl's current weapon is __broken__ for 20 seconds. A __broken__ weapon can't be used. If all weapons are __broken__ Beryl is disarmed and silenced. * Weapon swap (_E_): Beryl strikes the ground in front of her, dealing physical damage in a line, then changes her weapon. _(Weapon order is __Lance__->__Sword__->__Axe__->__Lance__)._ * Titanium will (_R_): Beryl unleashes a wave of energy around her, dealing damage to enemies hit. For the next few seconds, Beryl wields an additional weapon for each champion hit by the first half of the wave. During this period, Beryl's weapon can't be __broken__ and she gets bonus armor and magic resist if her health falls under 50%. Summary: A heavy juggernaut that devastates everything in front of her. _**Skins**_ Arcade Lee Sin: Lee sin with a white dôgi, shouting "fireball" with his Q. ~~definitly not Street Fighter~~ Super Galaxy Dexter and Sinestra ~~definitely not another super sentai mech~~ Grandpa Claude ~~definitely not Santa Clauss~~ Arcade Claude ~~definitely not Mario Kart~~ _**Items**_ Living steel gauntlet: recipe: Pickaxe + Chain Vest + Caulfield's Warhammer + 325 gold Stats : 50 Attack Damage, 45 Armor, UNIQUE: 10% Cooldown Reduction. Unique property: Increases Armor by 5 upon taking physical damage from a champion (up to 5 times). Attacking or casting a spell removes all stacks of Armor.

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