Fog of War Markers for Supports

Hi guys, i was playing a game while ago, and our kha jumped in a bush with pink warded. So the problem is i knew there is a ward in that brush, but when we are behind as bot lane, there was no way to go there and clean it. There can be comunication problems too. Sometimes you forget to warn your jungler in the heat of trades. Short story, what if sightstones have an option to mark fog of war. **Details:** If you try to ward a place out of your sightstone range, its pop op a small window for mark choices, pink ward or yellow ward or whats the new one is. Only visible by allies and limited numbers of marks. * If you mark as there is a yellow ward in here. Mark also counts lifetime after marked. * If you mark as there is a pink ward in that bush. Mark stays there until you reveal that area. I know some of you dont like the changes what is make game easier. But give it a chance and think about it. Last thing to add, i wanted it to be a part of support item because of one person marking better than five people. Lead Game Designer of Myself.
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