New CHAMPION Idea "Chonk

Chonk The life Ripper * Look and apearence IS a muscled Not buffed , got two greenish hand scythe with long white hair with light green end {simple :3 x3 } **Q"from a far"** Chonk throws his double Scythe deals constant damage on the way traveled ((travels like sivir's Q but a bit slower and deals constant dmg not**1** for per contact)), the scythe traveling speed is lowered when it reaches the end of the unites traveled ,pressing Q again will make the scythes make a hard slash on the area they are in making them to rush back to Chonk dealing no damage Chonk gets 2 E souls Per 1**CHAMPION** hit or **EPIC MONSTER** * Other method for the ability Pressing **Q** will make Chonk throw One scythe while he will basic attack with the other *same basic dmg no decreasing just another attack animation* , pressing Q again will make Chonk throw his other scythe ,if it made contact with the 1st scyth they explode souls power on area around them making a quick rush back to scythe hands Chonk gets 1 souls for every scyth Hits a **CHAMPION** or **EPIC MONSTER** * Hint : chonk bends souls to cut oponents as his basic attack with no weapon Stance dealing 5% less dmg* **W"no pain"** Chonk masevly starts slashing very fast in a channel for 1.7s , can be repressed to cancel the ability quicker making 2big slashes at the end of the ability at the same time The more time Chock attacks the bigger and stronger the last slash will be **E"feasting"** Passive:For every 3kills Chonk gets whether minion , champ or monster he gets an abandoned soul , max **10/13/19/25** by leveling Active : Chonk fasts on the souls he earned haling him and boosting his other abilities for 3s then he lose the souls he earned **R"behind you"** Chonk dashes massively to an area replacing his sythe with grim reaper's sythe making slashes in an area around him gaining 2souls for every slash and a shield lasts 3.5s for damage delt wether it's champ , minion or monster * **Chonk can control the place he wants to rip the souls out of** * If the ability was double pressed during the traveling chonk Retreats for half the distance travled Doont forget to tell me your thoughts In a comment

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