Hextech Chest

Let me start with a bit of info: I am a player with over 10k games in all modes. I played Dominion, Summoner's rift, Twisted Treeline, ARAM, all rotating game modes etc. (I do not play ranked almost at all in last 4-5 seasons tho). From the game count, you can imagine I have all champions and "a little bit" of leftover IP (blue essence since rework) while owning all champions. (spending my essence of name changes, rune pages, wards and icons) What happens. Riot changed way of earning key fragments as well. Player opens chest and finds champion shard in it. Ok, happens, it's random after all. Opens another, champion shard. Opens another, champion shard. Opens another, skin shard (yay). Opens 2 more, 2 more champion shards... Is this a joke or what? Either implement more things to spend essence on, or stop giving champion shards to people who own all champions for a while now from Hextech chests at least... Like it's not enough leveling for them. (my first rant post since GOA was in charge of EU servers, and it feels refreshing)

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