I have a useless but cool suggestion

After we finish a game, victory or defeat we just have to stair at the exploding nexus and click on the continue button. so my suggestion is that when the game ends if you don't click on continue for let's say 5 seconds the game starts to play the highlights of the game. and it could be like multi kills, team fights, solo kills ... you get the point right? it's been 7 seasons that we stair at the nexus as we're cheering the victory or crying over defeat I think it's time to make some QOL improvements to this part of the game. the sad part is actually aram map gave me this idea ( the whole {{champion:127}} thing ). I really think this would be something that players will love and if you're not someone who wants to start the next game ASAP ( or it was a long game and you need a smoke before the next one ;D ) this could be a perfect screen saver you and you can see your own plays or mistakes as well. personally I download the replay after every game and record some of my plays to make content for my channel but some people might not like to that but it doesn't mean they don't like to see there own plays. hope this will be added to game one day see you on the rift
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