2 mode champion (jayce, nida, ...) with offensive and deffensive stances, pitch your ideas in.

I'm just wondering if someone wnat to pick up on a thought and push it further? A champion which is similar to jayce, nida, elise, gnar but instead of having offence for both sides he/she has one offensive tree and on defensive tree both are pure to add to that. I like switcheroo champions but I remember reading they don't like them that much in riot because balancing them is - to say the least - troublesome. So I'm suggesting a champion which has to decide if he needs defensive or offensive options at a time and juggle like that through fights. Well that and I also think it could be a pretty fun kit (god bless the balance guys responsible for these kinds of champions ;)) If anyone has some time feel free to add a line or two to expand on the champion and to form it here guys.

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