Make refunds finally infinite!

I think that's a post that should be done for a very long time and 100% of the lol's player base should defenetely agree. I know that riot does everything to make sure players get more addicted to their game and make more money out of it but finally this shame from riot's prespective should stop. Someone may say: " it's your fault that u bought skins, champion purchases and others with be or rp that u didn't really want to (u didn't main these champions) just to show that u have to". LISTEN LITTLE KID when i was knew to lol i didn't understand how the %%%% it worked and i thought it would be really cool to buy skins on champions, yes i was stupid because i didn't know. I want my money back. Heck, i bought pulsefire ez when it was released and i never mained him and i would like to have a god damn chance to buy god stuff jax cause i main tanks and fighters. How much i must regret this fault because riot wants to exploit people and when lol slowly starts to disappear from the primary and best game ever list(aka fortnite) this change should be done quickly and as long as we hit the pre-season riot PLZ!
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