Fight Club in Howling Abyss

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_The gamemode is based on 1vs1 fights, where the 2 players will fight until one dies, when this happens the next team member will go fight the previous winner and so on until a team reaches a certain amount of total kills_ ♠♥♦**RULES**♦♥♠ •The order in which the players will go fight is determined by the champions list in the Scoreboard **_ex._** •The fight will take place in the middle of the Howling Abyss, between the outer turrets •Everyone, except for the fighting champions, has to stay in one of the bushes between the outer turrets, depending on which one is the closest to your turret •You are allowed to get out of the bush only when it's your turn to fight •Teams can't help their fighting ally **in any way** (healing, buff, attack enemy, etc.) •The fighting champions can't go into bushes and **can't flee behind their turrets**, unless the enemy minion wave is in their turret range *(If someone breaks this rule they automatically lose and have to let the opponent kill them)* •Only the fighting champions can attack minions •The fighting champions can't freeze the minion waves under the turret •If someone manages to kill everyone in the opposite team in a row, they will have to fight 2vs1 until they die •Only the 2 Health Packs between the outer turrets can be used •You are allowed to buy items when you die •The game ends when one of the teams reaches 30 kills (this can vary) and the losing team has to surrender _Have fun! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} LoL Custom Game Modes_ Discord server: _

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