[Champion concept] Quira - The Aspect of true ice

**Lore** The fell in the thousands. Tumbling into the abyss, watchers and humans alike. Magic and death filled the bitter breeze as Lissandra watched her enemies fall, hungry for control over the Frejord, she ordered that no one survive. As he fell, Quira's memories of a peaceful frosted land filled his mind as he slowly drifted towards the deep darkness of the Howling Abyss. His comrades and enemies joined him alike and even the intelligent beings known to man as the watchers hurtled to impending doom. Energies of ice and darkness swirled as the watchers disintegrated, sending shockwaves of frozen blasts, shattering the bones of the fallen. Except for one, Quira's heart was struck with a shard of ice that froze the skin around him, infusing him with energies he'd never felt before. A necklace hung from the shard with two symbols Quira suddenly understood. One read "the guardian" in a distant language or Targonians, the other read "the watcher" in the language the frozen watchers used to communicate. At that point, 3 became one. **** Quira is a support aiming at protecting his allies and striking down foes who leaves his presence in the Frejord, harnessing energy of the Abyss **Passive - Frost born** Quira reduces slows on himself by 30-50% and his allies by 15-20%. Whenever a nearby ally is slowed, Quira harnesses the power and his next spell costs 0 **Q - Surging blizzards** Quira channels the winds of the Abyss, releasing its energy, sending a jet stream of icy wind towards an ally and shielding them for 10% of their missing hp. Enemies struck by the wind are stunned. **W - Glacial passage** Quira sends out a sheet of ice granting him and allies movement speed. Enemies that walk on the sheet are slowed and grounded. Quira can reactivate the glacial passage to shatter the ice, damaging enemies based on their movement speed. **E- Blessing of true ice** Quira enhances an ally, their next 3 attacks slow the target. If the ally casts a projectile or summoner spell during this time their auto attack will stun the target for bonus true damage and send back a **Surging blizzard** towards themselves. **R - Frozen in time* Quira creates an enormous blizzard that slows minions, monsters, and champions movement speed and attack speed for 5 seconds. The blizzard also slows all projectiles. During this time, Frost born is active.
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