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Https:// Hey guys, I used to run a website called MOBA Directory, which was a site i made to compare champions to heroes in other games based on their capabilities. Eventually I deciding to make something new as my main motivation for making sites like this are improving my web development skills. Here is my new site, I hope you guys like it. **Useless wiki** Useless wiki is a wiki style site designed specifically around the needs of league of legends and other MOBA games. Like a regular wiki site there is a page for each champion, however instead of free form text entry the pages are divided into sections for different types of content which is added and voted on by users. If you are confused just take a quick look, its really not all that complicated. This is a very early version of the site but i believe it is ready for public use now, although I have much more planned. The site is written to be as expandable as possible which means i can easily add new sections if it becomes clear more is needed. The site is also part of a "network" of sites im creating, with the goal being that I can easily create and spin up new similar sites for similar games. e.g. Mothership - Https:// DOTA 2 variant- Https:// Hopefully people at least find this interesting, maybe not on this forum. Really not sure where to post something like this. Comments and Critiques more than welcome, assuming its constructive. If you get a white screen, you probably needs to download a decent internet browser or enable javascript.

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