Champion Concept Challenge(CCC)

Its a challenge with yourself. Yesterday ı was thinking about how fast i can create consept of a champion. I give myself a day to create a concept but i limited things with described below. The reason im doing this is do things fast and inspire each other or riot with this methot. Hopefully, one day one of us proud the community. _Limitations:_ 1) Dont name the champion, dont give details about his/her form, let it readers imagine her/him(Sex is allowed). 1) Write a short lore which includes story related with abilities if possible. 2) Only picture the champion parts which related with abilities. 3) Describe the abilities without numbers.(Similiar abilities from league can be used for explanation) 4) Make a short discussion related with uniqueness and problematic of the champion or abilities. _Future of this post:_ 1) First hoping to everybody likes the CCC methot, suggest things to improve bad parts of this. 2) Im expecting from creators join the concept creation, open topics, and share links under this topic, and i will add them to page. 3) I want from community to share their toughts related consepts, how they imagined the champion itself and suggest a fitting name to champion. Heres the example of mine: When ı start to think about concept, ı wanted to start from simple one, ı make a champion kit for a druid woman(ı will share her little bit later) but then ı watched a video of jeremmy(shared link below). In this video, he was talking about champions which doesnt exist in league. Then ı wanted to focus one of them. Heres my marksman who doesnt use mana. CCC Marksman No:1 **LORE** When X was a child, he got bullied by other guys which bigger then him.He had none to save him. He wasnt enough bold to fight back to them. He didnt even try. He ran, hided, feared from them. Day after day, he started to run faster then any of these guys who calls themselves gang of the Gaddar. Gaddar was a nickname of the leader, the guy who saves X himself to beat. X never understood the problem between Gaddar and himself. One day, like every little town of Demacia, military came and took him to test for military skills. When he saw Gaddar passed the test for melee army, X didnt even think to win. But he joined the ranged army. He was so agile, he had to be because of the fear of to be beaten. He progressed fast. Learned bow tricks, fast moves. Once, streched the bow opposite way and fired the arrow, ıt was a powerfull shot but exshausting one.By the time he gained his self-confidence again. Years had passed. X changed too much, but Gaddar stayed same. They met again in the rainy night, alone in the jungle. Gaddar wanted to beat X again. He was drunk. He wanted to catch X, but X was still fast enough to play him around. And this time he had his bow with himself. When X away enough to was safe, asked Gaddar, "what do u want from me?". He answered back, "Your death". X kept talking, "I can get it, but why?". Gaddar said "Im accepting this as your last wish" and drew his sword. X fired an arrow to his chest, but armor was too strong, it couldnt pierce. Gaddar charged to X, he was shouting. X dodged the attack and fired an arrow to his leg. He knew he can kill him in a split second, because drunk warior didnt wear his helmet but he wanted to know reason. It was leather armor on his leg, Gaddar started to stumble. X asked again "Why?". Gaddar broke the arrow on his leg slowly, he was suffering but the pain wasnt come from his leg. He understood he close to death. Sat down under a tree, bended his head down and started to talk. He knew he cant kill X but he can take his soul with himself "My father and your father loved same girl. She choosed your father. My father married with my mother but never loved her. Never loved me. He became a drunk. Always talked about his love to your mother... beat my mother, and me." He stopped for a while and asked X "Did u remember the day u lost your family" and laughed. X's eyes opened and said "Yes, they died in a fire". Gaddar with a disgusted expression on his face, said " I! Burnt your house". X started to jitter but tried to keep calm. A single tear dropped from his eyes. Clenched his hand on his bow and said "Go on". Gaddar said " I tried to release my father, ı thought he forgets your mother if she dies" laughed again "But my father came to your house and saved you. He hugged you, he fucking hugged you... you know what, he never caressed my head, not even once." He took a deep breath and go on " I've no regret." X launched 3 arrow in his bow, pointed his arrows to Gaddars head and said " I swear, from this point, this shot will be my signature", he jumped and released arrows. Two of the arrow hit his heads sides and one stucked his forehead, Gaddar was not dead yet, finishing blow came from X's feet. He land on the arrow which stuck on forehead and kicked it while landing to push it deeper. Arrow pierced the skull after that blow. X stayed near the corpse for hours, and stared him. He was upset, not because of murdering him, because of never gonna learn his real name. Then smiled for a while, left everything behind, named his bow as "Gaddar" and joined the League of legends. **ABILITIES** _P) Childhood Memories._ * X has no auto attack. But he doesnt use clasic sources for his abilities. * X generates Agility whenever he hits a unit with his Pointer(Q) abilitiy, losts half of generated Agilities with gain one shot whenever X misses Pointer(Q). * X passivly gains movement speed by his missing health for one stack of Agility. _Q) Pointer._ * Pointer can crit, and apply on hit effects and deals damage to structures. * Pointers cooldown scales with attack speed. * First hit: Deals less damage. * Second Hit on same target: Deals normal damage and slows the target. * Third Hit on same target: Deals more damage(amount of less damage from first hit) and become piercing shot. Landed: X fires an arrow to targeted location and deals damage to first unit it hit. Every succsessfull hit generate agility, more agility from champions. Mid Air: Makes it point click, expands Pointers range, ignores armor, crittical strikes deals additional damage. If target closer than half of Pointers maximum range. It fires 3 arrow instead of one and marks the target as **vunerable**. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DESCRIPTION Q: * Landed: You can think this as long range Urgot q, but it applies Ashe's slow on second hit, and applies Varus q effect without channelling third one on same target. * Mid Air Pointer is the same thing but little more effective then landed one. It fires 3 arrow at half range, like Ashe's w. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _W) Hard Shot / Hard Kick.(Needs Agility to cast)_ Landed(Hard Shot): Empowers his arrow for short duration, every pointer shot knocks back enemy champions. Mid Air(Hard Kick): X lands a target location, if he lands on enemy which has **vunerable** mark on, he stuns the target for a short duration then jumps mid air again but this time not become untargetable and kicks the enemy targeted way, if kicked target hits the terrain he get stunned again for short duration. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DESCRIPTION W: * Landed: Like Graves auto attacks on monsters, Hard Shot, empowers Pointer for short duration and pushes back enemy champions. * Mid Air: Hard Kick looks like Aatrox Q, after landing on enemy follows Quins E then Lee Sin R but with Vaynes condem effect. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _E) Quick Feets(Needs agility to cast). _ * X casts Quick feets to short dash targeted way. In few seconds he can cast Quick Feets again to jumps mid air trough targeted way, X becomes untargetable while mid air and reset cooldown of Hard Shot. Allows to cast other spells mid air option. Second cast allows to travel little bit far then first one. * If X cast Pointer and hit an enemy champion between First and Second cast, it resets cooldown of Quick Feets. -------------------------- DESCRIPTION E) * First cast like Lucian's e, quick little dash, but second one looks like Fizz's e, because this jump makes X untargetable like Fizz. Also jump allows to cast other abilities **mid-air** option. ------------------------- R) Signature(Needs agility to cast). Landed: X targets an enemy champion and fires bunch of arrows in short duration. X can move freely and can use Quick Feets in this duration. If he cast second Quick Feets, stop firing Signature. Arrows can be block by minions or other enemies. Deals more damage on minions. Signature has more range then Pointer. Deals less damage at maximum range and deals more damage on melee range. Mid Air: X fires arrows 360* randomly around him. Deals more damage then landed Signature and ignores armor he become untargetable begining of mid air Signature. Mid Air has less range then landed Signature. ---------------------------- DESCRIPTION R) * Landed Signature looks like Lucian R, but guided version of it. * Mid Air Signature looks like Katarinas R, but it spray projectiles randomly. --------------------------- **CONCLUSİON** _Uniqueness:_ * Q) I wanted to X be like a real archer, X relys on his Q, its like his AA but skill shot version. This can be look bad at first but its realy good kite mechanic for marksmen, because you dont need to drag mouse on to enemies for auto attack you can target in front of your champions feet and hit the enemy 500 unit range away from you. * E) I wanted to X be like slippery marksman, X can e>q>e>q>e>q combo to turn Kalista unless he has enough Agility to use his abilities. X can be untargetable when he use his e>e for short duration. But using second e for dodge some damage gonna make him immobile. Its precious ability when you compare Fizz and X, one is ranged champion one is a melee. Its gonna be long cooldown ability for X probably. * R) Sometimes when you caught as an adc, you press every ability because you know, you will die in a second. This is why i wanted to add mid air Signature, Katarina like ultimate to X. Its something like "Who comes with me?" _Problematic:_ * I cant fit him to any other marksman position, no burst, lack of wave clear, cant be long range then any other marksman because can abuse others. * To sharpen X's long range poker style, maybe velocity option can be added to Pointer and how far it travels deals less damage because projectile lost its speed like landed signature. * X cant do shit against high mobility champions like riven, any other marksman can do 1 or 2 aa's before they die, but maybe X cant even find that chance without ultimate and its even dodge-able(Minion block). * Imagine velkozs ultimate, how hard to hit close targets, good thing you are not immobile while firing pointer. * Maybe to fix X's damage output, we can consume his Agility stacks and increase damage of Signature. * Maybe pointer stacks on enemies effect Signature, for example enemy who doesnt have pointer stack on it, takes less damage from signature, who has 1 stack on him, gets slowed by every signature shot, and who has 2 stacks makes every shots piercing.

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