New bull***** honor system - kick support out of game

New concept - demeans the support, once again. If you're support and you're good - your adc take kills, grow up, win the game and will take all honor points (maybe, you'll have 1 point from him, but who cares? - Other 3 players in your team will honor adc anyway). If you're good, and your adc is slow - you take some kills, and after game all crying kids will write "KS" and minus you. If you're tank, you initiate, you take all damage - other people will take kills and will take all honor points after game - you'll take nothing. And, at last, the small chance when you play limited number of chapions and if you have 40 assists somebody accidentally will honor you out of pity. This lane is already dead - now kill it finally. If you want honor - go play mid or top, take assasins or juggernauts and forget about supporting and tanking.
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