Impetus the Shadow's Flame (Champion Concept)

Impetus the Shadow's Flame Role: Mage **This is a champion concept i made for fun (of course also trying to win the contest) :).** Appearance: Impetus' body is made of blue fire. He has a black hood and robe on over his body. His legs sink into the ground and then moves around with them down there. Recall Animation: Impetus' body gets torn apart slowly in the air and then all the little pieces of his body fly down into a portal in the ground before reappearing at the fountain and placing his parts tougether again. Dance Animation: Impetus summons a staff made of blue fire and then swings it around while slowly burning the ground around him. (Fire Poi) Joke: Impetus sticks his hands through his body while saying "Why are people so damn afraid fire? Look! It dosen't even sting.....wanna try? Taunt: Impetus points forward while saying "You will perish in flames!" When Taunting Teemo He Says: "This is gonna i right?" Passive (Shadow's Pact): Impetus gains double Ability Power from all sources but decreases his total mana over time. Q (Shadow Ash): Impetus creates a line of ash in a chosen direction that slows enemies by 80% while they stay in the ash. After 1.5 seconds, fire explodes out from the ash dealing instant damage and applying an Ignite-ish effect to enemies hit. (6 Second Cooldown) W (Shadow Scouts): Impetus sends a Shadow Scout to move randomly in a huge circle that you choose where will be. The Shadow Scout reveals all nearby enemies and gives your team vision of them. Impetus can only have 3 Shadow Scouts out on the field at the same time. A Shadow Scout lasts for 180 seconds. (20 Second Cooldown) E (Fire Blessing): Impetus grants himself 30% extra movement speed for 4 seconds. Over that duration it causes fire to appear where ever Impetus walks. The fire deals 2% of enemies who are in the fire's path health every 1 second. The path lasts for 6 seconds. (9 Second Cooldown) R (Flame Thrower): After upgrading this ability for the first time it summons blue fires on random places on the map. These flames can be picked up by Impetus granting him a use of Flame Thrower. Impetus can only have 5 uses of Flame Thrower on at a time. If you activate your Ultimate Ability while having at least one use you can throw a flame at a target location dealing damage to all nearby enemies and slowing enemies hit. (1 Second Cooldown)

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