Chinise boosting strategy-Looking for duo

Hi there, the last couple days I ve been trying really hard to climb and get that gold before the season ends but I just get really unlucky with my teams most of the time. So for a new good sart I desided to try that chinise boosting strategy to try and climb up literly 2v9 :). So I am looking for a duo. I am curently at s1 but the season restarts in 3 days so I don't think that matters. I am willing to play either the support or the carry but I don't have lulu which is probably the best for that but I can play janna or kayle. I am looking for a person that is willing to play with me next sutarday 20/1, at about 10 o'clock EUNE time (morning). As I said before he can play either the support or the carry (probably master yi will be the best). Most likely to play kayle-master yi duo until one of us has to leave or we end the our placements. I ll be checking pretty much daily this post so just reply with a cooment below saying what champ you are willing to play and your ING (in game name). I suggest u to play the carry role only if ur a quite high rank like gold or above so we can dive ppl without having to worry about dying couz we can swap tower agro efficiently. If anything changes I ll be sure to updte this post. The first one who replys will be the one duoing with me. Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, english isnt my mother laungue or whatever u call it :).
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