I FINALLY DID IT! - maybe best quality made Hyperlight Blade ever!

After i started building a blade back in 2015 I finally finished the "Hyperlight Blade" from Project: Yi! It is made out of 100% metal. ...maybe - but only maybe, this is the best quality made Hyperlight Blade replica, which exists up-to-date! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I try to answer every single of it. > **Preview:** http://i.imgur.com/qecRTKd.jpg > **My dad for scale... after he poked a hole in his just refurbished ceiling with this sword (was too exited) :D** http://imgur.com/tKOAB0u > **The whole album and the making of:** (click the image. it's a link!) http://imgur.com/gallery/XI6cY?lr=0

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