[Champion Creation/Reborn] - Dezkor, the alchemist merchant

Who remembers this guy? I think he deserves some revival! http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/471940Dezkor2.jpg **Dezkor, the alchemist merchant** **Primary Role:** Support. **Secondary:** Mage. _Ranged champion._ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ > **Passive, Make a deal:** > Dezkor got a -10% off to all stuff in the shop (except consumables and gold income items). In addition, Dezkor starts the game with additional 2 Health potions. > > _Dezkor can also buy unique elixirs and stuff in the shop: Mobile Laboratory (stuff), Potion of the BlackCat (consummable), and Special Forces Elixir (consummable)._ ______________________________________________________________________________________ > **Q, Farewell traveler:** > Throw a potion to the targeted zone location. If it hits allied champion, restore (50/70/90/110/150) HP + (+0.10 AP). If it hits ennemies champions, deals (50/70/90/110/150) (0.10 AP) magic dammages _(Notice: this can bring both effects if ennemies and allies are in the zone)_. > In addition, if you own a health potion, automatically withdraw the potion from your inventory and grant to *ALL* targeted champion(s) an additional buff of Health Regeneration (+100% base regeneration) and add a buff of 10 attack damage, 10 magical damage, 10 armor and 10 magic resist for (5/5/5/5/5) seconds. > > _Mana Cost: Medium / Cooldown: Short_ ______________________________________________________________________________________ > **W, Bless of the alchemists’ Guild: ** > Passive: Dezkor double the effect and duration of Health potions for himself (Health potion: 300 health over 30 seconds). > Active: While consuming any potion or elixir, activate to create a buff zone around Dezkor, giving all nearby allied champions the effect of the potion/elixir and grants a shield of (30/50/70/90/100) + (0.40 AP) for (4/4/4/4/4) seconds. > > _Mana Cost: High / Cooldown: Long_ ______________________________________________________________________________________ > **E, The Merchant’s Elixir: ** > Dezkor creates a special Elixir, channeling for 3 seconds. Once done, Dezkor’s Elixir grants his basic attacks dealing additional magic damages (10/15/20/20/30) (+0.20 AP) for (8/8/8/10/12) seconds. > (The Merchant’s Elixir is considered as any potion or elixir, so it can be applied on allied champions by activating ‘Bless of the alchemists’ Guild’) > > _Mana Cost: Medium / Cooldown: Medium_ ______________________________________________________________________________________ > **R, Supplying caravan: ** > ACTIVE: Dezkor summons his caravan from his Nexus which comes to the targeted location. Once arrived, the caravan becomes a targetable shop (with 5 hit points) in the battlefield that stands for (10/15/20) seconds. Allied player can buy from the shop and get a -10% off (except on gold income items). Health Potions are FREE. All champions can now buy Dezkor unique elixirs (Elixir of the Renegade and Elixir of Liquid gold). >PASSIVE: gives you an extra movement speed depending on the coins you have in your chest. >_Passive R level 1: +1% movement speed every 200 coins in your chest, up to +20% movement speed. >Passive R level 2: +1% movement speed every 100 coins in your chest, up to +20% movement speed). >Passive R level 3: +1% movement speed every 100 coins in your chest, up to +30% movement speed)._ > > **_Additional note: the caravan CAN’T be summoned in the river (including bushes in the river) in Summoners Rift and CAN’T be summoned in Spider’s pit in Twisted Treeline._** > > _Mana Cost: High / Cooldown: Long_ ______________________________________________________________________________________ _Dezkor can also buy unique elixirs and stuff in the shop: **Mobile Laboratory**, **Potion of the BlackCat**, and **Special Forces Elixir**._ > **Mobile Laboratory (1200 coins build with {{item:1028}} + {{item:3801}}) **: gives you 400 health, 100% health reg. > _Passive – POTION GENERATOR_: Generate a health potion every 90 seconds. Stacked up to 5 health potions. >_Active_: Activate to consumme 1 potion. **_Additional note: this item can be bought once only._** _EDIT of Lord Macragge: Basically, this item looks like {{item:2045}} but with {{item:2003}} I would propably build and upgrated item to this one, because it becomes weak during late game. This new item would generates {{item:2033}} instead of {{item:2003}} and with 3 stacks MAX._ _____________________________________________________________________________________ > **Potion of the BlackCat (500 coins, consumable, 3 minutes)**: gives you an enhanced vision and the ability to detect traps. Also grants you a bonus of attack speed of +20% in bushes. Add a light blue filter on your screen when consumming BlackCat potion. >**Special forces Elixir (1000 coins, consumable, 3 minutes)**: your icon now disappear on the minimap for ennemy team. However, if you'r hit by any ennemy champion (basic attack or spell), this reveals you again on minimap for 15 seconds. _Notice: if ennemy team player ping you, your position will be revealed as well for a shorter duration_ >**_Additional note: you can only have ONE of these potions at a time (this rule also works with Elixir of Iron {{item:2138}} , Elixir of Sorcery {{item:2139}} , Elixir of Wrath {{item:2140}} )._** _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/290416Dezkor.png _Dezkor, as we used to know on old Summoners’ Rift._ > **CONCEPT**: potions and elixirs are underrated in the battlefield. Dezkor gameplay would revive the legendary League’s potions. In addition, being both an alchemist and a merchant, Dezkor can use his merchant talents of negotiation to reduce price of items in the shop and even drop his own shop on the ground. > > Basically, Dezkor is a pure support champion. He helps his allies on lane to push better and faster. Even if he isnt as decisive in a teamfight as classic support (such as {{champion:37}} ), he can supply his whole team through his merchant talents. He also is a true potions master, granting unique buffs to his friends and, when times needed, dealing some dammages to ennemy in return. But don't mistaken, Dezkor is not a good fighter. You won't see him in the melee...alive very often! ______________________________________________________________________________________ **ABOUT GAMEPLAY: ** DEZKOR is strong with: {{champion:4}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:98}} DEZKOR is weak against: {{champion:80}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:35}} **Explanations**: DEZKOR is strong by helping his mates pushing lanes. However he suffers from lack of escape and not having any controls, that makes him an easy prey for almost any assassin or fighter with a gap closer. This is even worse when you got chased by a stealth champion. ______________________________________________________________________________________ > **Q spell, Farewell traveler**: the launch of the potion is kind of slow, not bullet time of course, but enough to be…intercepted (and not going the the intended destination). The zone is a very little circle, a bit smaller than Nami bubble. So you could buff 2 or 3 champions (very lucky) at a time, no more. The skill can hit both ennemies and allies champions in the landing zone, so heal and dealing damage at the same time. ______________________________________________________________________________________ > **W, Bless of the alchemists’ Guild**: this skill will, alone, redefined the value of potions and elixirs in a game of League of Legends. To balance the strong sustainable force and buff zone about the active, I make the skill cost high mana and have high cooldown. This is the skill to take at the 1st place for Dezkor at the beginning of the game. With passive, you can help your ADC in the lane to sustain. ______________________________________________________________________________________ > **E, The Merchant’s Elixir**: as an alchemist, Dezkor can create his own special elixir. While creating the elixir, he his VULNERABLE: he can’t move or uncast the skill. This force Dezkor to stay at the backline, because he channels for 3 seconds. Once done, this elixir gives him some poke with basic attacks and can buff an ally (W passive) or many allies (W active) on basic attack damages and health regeneration. This skill can be useful in teamfight or in a duel, but Dezkor needs to anticipate the teamfight to make the elixir efficient enough. So this skill is powerful but difficult to use afterall, because you need an excellent timing and anticipation. ______________________________________________________________________________________ > **R, Supplying caravan**: literally, this skill is the big innovation in gameplay that Dezkor brings in. He can summon a shop almost wherever he likes (except river and bosses’ pits) in the battlefield. Well, I know what you are thinking right now: “but in ARAM games, this means you could…BUY? This is fucking OP!”.  In ARAM you could only buy potions and elixirs (including Dezkor unique elixir) with Dezkor shop, so no stuff at all to avoid this problem. This doesn’t change at all Dezkor gameplay based on consumables. > This ultimate skill is pure utility. It doesn’t give you any buff, any defense, any regeneration. > Dezkor players must be extra careful with this skill. It is all about placement…and once again, if you misplace your shop, enemies can use it against you (if the caravan is misplaced, it could bring your whole team into a giant trap). > In terms of gameplay, this can avoid players to back so this is extremely powerful. But in return, the skill got high cooldown to limit this strength and stands for 20 seconds (at level max). So think wisely before calling for caravan. Oh, and I almost forgot to notice: the SHOP can be seen on the map by ALL PLAYERS. That makes it a new priority target for enemy team. And mind one more thing: your mates could be vulnerable while buying some stuff. >**About ultimate passive now**: this force you to make a choice... 1) You save money in your chest to have more movement speed. 2) You decide to spend your money...but doesnt have the opportunity to improve your mobility. >So this passive is really about gold ressource management. And of course is very usefull during lategame (with a cap max. amount of movespeed, to do not make this litteraly OP during lategame). _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ **ABOUT ITEMIZATION: ** Starter: {{item:3301}} or {{item:3303}} + {{item:2031}} Idea of Full Stuff: {{item:1327}} {{item:3069}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3504}} {{item:2045}} and "Mobile Laboratory" (no icon sorry^^) ______________________________________________________________________________________ Hope you will add some constructive comments. I know i got lack of pictures (or terrible quality), but I worked about the content. Pots are really under-used. Lord Macragge P.S.: sorry about my english, not perfect {{summoner:31}}
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