I bet this might go viral !!! rioters u have to see this !!

So I've been thinking about this idea for a while , and I think I have to share it with ppl here ! . The idea is riot makes something like "Army" or "Guild" for the league of legends cities (noxus , demacia , Zaun etc..) every account has to participate with ONLY 1 , and you can't change it as soon as you participated ! . The only way you can change with RP (just like the transfer thingy) , so now when you join your "Army or Guild" a new queue pop when you press the PLAY button , every week or month you can choose either you play it or not , when u play it and win you get special points "you can upgrade your skin shards with or you can special things on your "unique army store" , + when you win your army or guild get points , and in the end of the week or month your whole army or guild gets prizes (small one) and becomes the "heroes of January for example) . The queue will be just like rankeds you compete with the same rank or level that you're already in ! . . . . . Please leave a comment down below with your ideas , make sure you tell me what you think I really appreciate it ! And thank you !! . By IKG22 (eune) Can i corretc you a bit...there would be some kind of race system to kinda make it like a global war thing(Something similar WoT has with clan global map)..you choose your rece or in this case region(zaun demacia piltover exc..)..and you battle other players from other regions to get some kind of points(glory for exsample)...same there would be a season system to this(same as we already have)...and at the end the best region gets prizes....and in the region all players participating get prizes too...and as you already said we get some kind of currency to get some extra parks...Hmm... Only one thing is missing....the fact is about that if i choose zaun for exsample..but i play zed(ionia)..it would be pretty illogical that i play with champ from different region... Ok. For your understanding, let me sum it up a little bit. The main things about your idea: 1.You can choose your region what you like the most 2. You fight for your region in comletly different queue. 3.For fights you get special currency usable in shop(probably new section or somethin like that). 4.Thing sliced in seasons(season split in 1-2 month periods i suppose. 5. At the end you get prizes depending on your performance or participation. That kind of sums up your idea.. My addon to this idea.. 1.Not completed thing looking at champions...For exsample if you choose zaun...you get to play all zaun champs in this queue for free not buying them(but you get a slight boost in points if you own champ you play(10% for exsample)(and i have seen in other comments talking about it) 2.Not clear about rewards...i suggest a variant that you can get some amount of essences for crafting(because those are aqairable by playing the game) plus, you can unlock set chests each costing some nice amount af points(set chest means something like we have in snowdown..pool party set, project set exc...) ooor as you get points you can use those to get some icons or ward skins... edit:You can see all champs played in each clan(faction in this case) at Lol universe page.. http://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_PL/champions/ Independant(champs not having faction)...could be played in all factions..(restricting to 0-2 depending on faction) Mt.Targon getting 2(did not see any adc's there)
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