Gamemode of 2009

Hey Riot Games! I had some thoughts about a game mode you may present at the end of season 10 or later. Wouldn't it be fun if you made a game mode for a while where you can play League how its been made in 2009. For an example; you get the old map back and that you can only play the champions from when you released the game in 2009. So none of the new champions or skins. I think it would be a great experience for new summoners but also for the OG's in League. So that the old players who are playing League for a while now, can have a little flashback and the new ones have a little idea of how the game was 10 years ago and what the changes are across these years. I hope you would consider my proposal, because i think everyone would love it! Won't you summoner? Greetings P2 Smurrrky
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