champion concept: seraan

Seraan is a squishy melee spellblade champion that would function similarly to fiora, but with more mage elements added in. He is mainly themed around fire. Thematically, I think he could be a contender the title of darkin, but instead of him directly being a living weapon, he could be a weaponized armor set filled with hatred, whose gauntlets have been molded into the shapes of claws from the heat of battle. Passive: Searing Claws Seraan's spells create fire fields that repeatedly deal magic damage to enemies standing in them. whenever seraan autoattacks an enemy standing in a fire field, he steals a portion of their hp on-hit, based on their missing health and scaling with ap. _The damage over time portion of multiple fire fields overlapping stacks, but the on-hit bonus does not_ Q: Spark and Blast Seraan creates a fast thin spark that explodes at max range or upon colliding with a champion. The explosion deals magic damage in an aoe and creates a fire field for 2 seconds W: Flaming Shroud passive: increases the duration of fire fields created by seraan's spells by 0.5 seconds for each rank, excludes the moving fire field on the active portion of this ability. active: Seraan shrouds himself in a ball of flames, blocking the first spell that hits him. At the end of the duration, searene explodes and deals damage to nearby enemies. If a spell is blocked, the explosion occurs early and seraan gains a shield that blocks damage for 4 seconds. For those 4 seconds, seraan becomes a moving fire field, dealing damage to enemies each second E: Heat Transfer passive: damaging an enemy with either portion of Searing Claws(passive), will reduce the remaining cooldown of this ability by 1 second. active: Seraan can target a fire field with this spell, to blink to an area inside the fire field, exploding and dealing magic damage to nearby enemies when he arrives. Seraan then empowers his next basic attack which will blast fire in a cone behind his target. _This ability has no cast time when used after an autoattack and can function as an autoattack reset_ R: Flame Storm Seraan summons a storm of flames and burning metal, which quickly travels to the target location, once at that location, the storm will slowly continue moving in the direction it was summoned, dealing magic damage to enemies standing in it every 0.5 seconds. The storm lasts for (10/15/20 + 2 per 100 ap) seconds. Seraan gets 10% bonus movement speed while within 500 units of the raging storm. felt cute might attempt adding art later idk
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