[Champion Concept] Joon

[Champion Concept] Joon
Quick Sketch of a Champion. [Champion Concept] Joon
_**IMAGES**_ http://fav.me/d9zgasp _**Basic Description :**_ **Primary Role :** Tank **Secondary Role :** Fighter **Secondary Bar :** Mana --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _**ABILITIES**_ _**[Passive "Layer Body"]**_ >**1.** For each 1000 HP Joon has of current health he will create a protective layer over his body. >**2.** The more layers he has over his body the more he will scale up in size. >**3.** Each time a layer is broken (crossing the mark of 1000xn=current_health) Joon's body layer will explode (aura range) and slowdown all nearby enemys. _**[Q "Mighty Punch"]**_ >**1.** Joon punches quickly in a straight line doing physical damage and pushing them back a bit. >**2.** If the punch hits a enemy close to a wall it will stun them onto it. _**[W "Multi-Hit"]**_ >**1.** Joon makes the ground below him explode causing magic damage and then all his auto-attack in that area cause splash damage to near-by enemies. _**[E "Rolling Ball"]**_ >**1.** Joon jumps forward and rolls on the ground in a straight line until he becomes a rolling ball on the ground that increses movement speed the more time he is rolling. >**2.** Upon hit he causes physical damage and a small area effect that stuns all enemies for a small duration. _**[R "Rock Structure"]**_ >**1.** Joon makes a huge block of Stone rise on the ground not too far from him and it will count as terrain. >**2.** All enemies damaged near the Rock structure will have added physical damage on them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _**COMBO**_ E > R > W > AA (x2) > Q > AA (x2) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _**[Other Champions]**_ **Kcir :** http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/zEUTAnwJ-champion-concept-kcir-the-sea-serpent- **Monji :** http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/L9Qe7i9v-champion-concept-monji-the-nature-spirit-with-less-text
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