New Grappling martial artist champion concept

Intro: League has a large variety of archetypes, martial artists being included too, we have lee punching and kicking, vi's boxing, udyr's animalic strikes, even a bunch of weaponry based martial artists, and then i tought, why not a grappler!? The primary inspiration for the character's kit is both Jiu-jitsu, judo, BJJ with a small bit of mma flavor to it. I haven't tought of a name yet, nor made any drawing of how he should look( the idea just popped minutes ago), ill think further and update the concept. I also haven't added any kind of numbers for balance reasons. Constructive criticism welcomed!!! here's what i have in mind right now: Lore aspects: origin: ionia He despise usage of weaponry, considering that the body is the ultimate weapon. using anything else is deemed as unhonorable Isn't affiliated to kinkou or zed must wear a gi-like attire mocks weapon users ... and jax, "frienemy"ish towards lee... Kit: Class: Bruiser Main resource: Energy Passive: Grappler first basic attack on a champion/epic monster mark the target , and the second basic attack performed on the same target will be a throw that deals bonus % dmg scaling with level. attacking a different mark-able target will erase the mark on the previous one. thrown opponents are slowed and unable to cast movement skills for a brief time after being thrown. Q: Roll roll towards cursor direction a brief distance , breaking free from any form of light CC and status effects W:Counter-throw dodge the next attack, knock down the attaker and applying the passive's effect instantly ( see E ) E: Ground Control Avaible to cast only after landing a throw ( using passive) onto an opponent. Apprehend the thrown enemy suppressing him for a brief time, alternate versions of the skills are avaiblle for casting during this time, casting one skill will end ground control. R: Headhunter's Grasp Dashes to the target and perform a swift and brutal neck-break, executing the target, but only champions that meet the requirement can be targeted: current health lower than a certain percentage and under a form of heavy CC ( supress, stun, silence, blind, charmed, taunted ) ALTERNATE skills these skills appear when having an opponent under ground control in similar manner to rengar's empowered abilities or how jayce/nida switches kits Q: pummel: perform a flurry of punches onto the target dealing damage and applying on-hit effects multiple times W: armbar, deals a small amount of max heath % dmg and applys a damage reducing debuff onto the target E: Chokehold, channeled spell, intreruptable by any form of damage, lasts 2 s, if sucessfull will stun the target for a small duration
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