Forgive the cringey username... oh and new game mode idea.

Well I was actually watching BunnyFuFu's Urf backdoor highlights thing and i came with up with this idea - which tbh even though i am unaware of it is probably completely unoriginal so forgive me if it is - a new rotating game mode idea. **D**on't know if it'll even appeal to anyone but here goes. As you might have already guessed this game mode would be based around backdoors and stuff... maybe it'll be good if its random pick idk because otherwise it'll basically be shaco, eve, rengo, etc. It could just be a gamemode with just inhibs and a nexus or it could have extra items mechanics troops etc idk... its a very basic idea with not much thought put into it further than the base concept so there will probably be lots of criticism and questions if anyone even sees this thread... Just toying with an idea - hope you like it and if you do please upvote or however the boards thing works... a bit new to this. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Good luck in your ranked games and... ye.... peace! _**cringes**_

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