new game mode idea (gather the flags)

i'm thinking about a game mode called gather the flags it doesnt really have to be called that way but just a nickname this is how it works both teams have a seperate place just like how red has north and blue south after you get placed in a team you will see a map in your part of the map you'll see let's say 4 flags and on the blue team also 4 flags both you and the enemy can see the flags and where they are but not anything surrounding them so champions that are at the flags are invisible it's a game mode to outsmart your opponent get their flags and place them in your fountain or what you wanna call it but when a enemy gets your flag and then dies the flagg stays at the place where the person died so that both teams have to know which flag is best to pick up now aditionally anyone who has the flag atm is unable to use any sort of movement speed or stealth ability like flash ghost master yi ult etc. the experience you gain is gained equaly by everyone just like at acsension the items you buy is up to you but the more flags you get the less items's you'll be able to use/buy so it gets harder for you to get the last flag it has a limit of 35 min the team that has the most flags at that time wins and you are suspended from your fountain so your unable to stay there if you do stay there you'll be punished and unable to move for 5 min giving the enemy an opportunity to steal a flag thats the game mode overall if you have any questions feel free to comment i'm srry for my lack of grammer some people are childish and get hurt by that but you've got to accept the fact that not everyone was born in the uk and some people have a harder time writing it and speaking it and about the map i'm going to upload a picture to giv you guys an idea there is no mid lane everything in the middle is jungle there are no inhibs towers bot and top lane do exist and i'll explain why later the blue thing's are flags the green things mean that left side jungle and right side jungle are connected so there's no mid lane and the grey thing is your fountain depending on which side you are why did i leave top and bot open? for potencial back doors you shouldnt always be forced to get in from the front side open top and bot allows you to sneak in from the right side or left or back and again it doesnt have to be summoners rift its just to give you an idea to how the map would look like there might also be a buff if wanted like idk red dragon what ever in the middle of the jungle that monster could also be changed to have something to do with the new champion that's coming if that's needed *Edit there is only one fountain on both side's not 2 my mistake sorry and it will be placed in the middle of your jungle i mean there could be 2 but 2 would be a pain in the ass to def. and the flags do take some time to get tho you need to wait 3 sec untill you have the flag

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