Champion Concept: Nevir, The Seeker

**Summoner's Note:** So Riven has been my favorite champion for a long time and Jinx has always been one of my favorites champion in terms of concept and personality. So i though of a champion that combined both and ended up with Nevir. Hope you enjoy and don't hesitate to criticize. **Description**: Nevir is a melee champion that can change fighting style through her skills/spells. She uses a Katana forged out of Riven's broken sword and a hextech Katana named Whiplash that can extend and act like a whip. Her different fighting style/stances grant her stats buff and debuff. Nevir has a unique bar referred as "Adrenaline Bar" which allows her to use the active of her skills. **Lore:** Nevir was part of the Noxian elite, along with her sister Riven. While Riven became an icon for the Noxian military, Nevir made an impact in the shadows of Noxus. A fighter recognize by Darius, a protege of Draven, an assassin respected by House Du Couteau and a named feared in the Noxian underground. Now Nevir roams Runeterra in search of her missing sister, occasionally bounty hunting to live and joining her friend to wreak havoc in Piltover. **Friends/Allies:** {{champion:92}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:15}} **Enemies/Rivals:** {{champion:51}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:114}} **Skin:** Nevir, The Exile: Nevir is wearing Riven's cloths (from her basic artwork). **Stats** Health: 560 (+85/lv) - 2005 at Lv. 18 Health Regen: 4.2(+0.4/lv) - 11 at Lv.18 Attack Damage: 57 (+3.6/lv) - 118 at Lv.18 Attack Speed: 0.645(+3%/lv) Movement Speed: 350 Armor: 24.45 (+3.2/lv) - 78.85 at Lv.18 Magic Resist: 32.1(+1.25/lv) - 53.35 at Lv.18 Adrenaline Bar: 100 (+5.89/lv) - 200 at Lv.18 **Skills:** _Passive: Thrill of Conflict_ Nevir generated 5/12.5/20 Adrenaline/5sec, and gains 1 Adrenaline each time she kills a big unit(cannon-minions, big monsters), 0.5 Adrenaline for a small unit(minions, small monsters...) 2 Adrenaline for a kill and 1 Adrenaline for an assist. Dragon and Baron fully charges Adrenaline. When Adrenaline bar is full, Nevir gains buffs depending on which stance she's in, triggering the effect on the next auto-attack after bar is finish charging. Bar starts depleting from then over a given period of time. Switching stances will cancel the active boost as well and stop the bar depleting and will only trigger the new boost 3 sec after switching stance if the bar is full. Adrenaline Bar resets when Nevir is killed. _Seeker's Stance (A):_ Cooldown: 1.5 sec. No Cost (self) (Default) If Nevir hasn't unlock any skills(stance) she will be using this one by default but without any buffs or bonus. If a skill(stance) is unlock, Nevir will change automatically to that one if Seekers Stance isn't unlock. > - 1st Active: Nevir equips her Runic Blade, switching to a close range fighting style. Passive: Nevir gains 5% bonus damage and armor. > - 2nd Active: Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7 sec, Adrenaline Cost: 10/15/20/25/30 Nevir stuns for 1/1.5/2 sec the next enemy unit or champion she attacks. > - When Adrenaline bar is full Nevir gains 30% attack speed, depletes over max. 3/4/4.5/5/5.5 sec. _Whiplash Dance (Z):_ Cooldown: 1.5 sec. No Cost (self) > - 1st Active: Nevir takes out Whiplash and switches to a mid-range fighting style, capable of hitting 2 units per auto-attack. Passive: Nevir gains 10% bonus attack speed and movement speed, but her AD is reduced by 15%. > - 2nd Active: Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/6 sec, Adrenaline Cost: 25/31/37/44/50 Nevir throws Whiplash in front of her and grabs either an ally, enemy champion or big unit, dealing 40/60/80/100/120 (+ 80% AD) damage to enemy or big units and snaring them for 1 sec. During this one sec the target can switch the direction it's facing (CC effects previously applied are still in effect), on an axis perpendicular to where Nevir is facing: if the target has its back to Nevir, she will dash toward it. If the target is facing towards Nevir, it will be dragged to her position. Dragon, Baron and Monsters will result in an instant dash. Nevir is immobilized while grabbing, and is targetable but can still use actives (her skills included). > - When Adrenaline bar is full, Nevir gains 10% critical chances and critical damage, bar depletes over max. 4/4.5/5/5.5/6 sec _Dual Wielding (E):_ Cooldown: 1.5 sec. No Cost (self) > - 1st Passive: Nevir takes both of her katanas and adapts a close range fighting style. Passive: Nevir gains 10% damage and 1/2/3/4/5% life steal, but her movement speed is reduced by 5%. > - 2nd Active: Cooldown 6/5/4/4/4 sec, Adrenaline Cost: 40/52/65/77/90 Nevir's next auto-attack slows the target by 20/25/30/35/40% for 1.5 sec > - When Adrenaline bar is full, Nevir will be granted a shield of 100(+100/95/90/85/80% AD), bar depletes over 2.5/2.75/3/3.25/3.5 sec. _Super Mega Wind Slash(R):_ Cooldown: 130/100/70 sec, Cost:(indirectly) 100% Current Adrenaline. (AoE) > Nevir rotates on herself, gathering all enemy champions, in a range of 800, with Whiplash extended at full length, in the original direction she was facing, slowing them by 40% to 85% and dealing 100/150/200 physical damage to all of them. Then jump in the air backward while sending a horizontal shock wave in front of her with her Runic Blade, dealing 150/250/350 (+75% Bonus AD) (+ 100% of current Adrenaline) as physical damage to every enemies it passes through. Nevir can't be interrupted when using this skill. Nevir catches all enemy in the zone even those dashing (including Malphite, Alistar, etc...). Nevir consumes all her Adrenaline and can't move nor attack for 1 sec after using SMWS (but can still use active), and is slowed by 80% decaying over 4 sec after being able to move again. **Hidden Passive** > Sisters Love: When Riven, Nevir and/or Jinx{{champion:92}} {{champion:222}} are on the same team, each get 2 extra gold when one gets the kill and the others get assist. > Catch me if you can! (refer to Jinx, Vi, Caitlynn hidden passive) > Noxian Sisters: When Riven and Nevir (but not Jinx) are in the same team, Nevir gains 0.05% movement speed and Riven gains 1 health. > Partners in Crime: When Jinx and Nevir (but not Riven) are in the same team, they both gain 1 AD. > Heart Break: When Riven and Nevir are in opposite teams, both lose 1 AD. > Fox Hunt: Lots of Summoners would like nothing more then to see Teemo lying dead on the Map, so they hired Nevir to do the job. Nevir gains 1 extra gold when she kills Teemo {{champion:17}} **Interaction:** “Wanna trade swords?” - Special Interaction: /joke near Riven in your team “You tagging along Sis?” - Special Interaction: Offering Hunters Contract to Riven and/or Jinx “Let's see who's the better swordsman!”-Special Interaction: Yasuo, Fiora in enemy team “This is gonna be so much fun!” - Special Interaction: Riven and/or Jinx accept Hunters Contract “Whoah! I wish my sword could get this big.” - Special Interaction: Riven with active ult. “Wreaking havoc again?! I'll help ya!” - Special Interaction: Jinx in your team “Now that's going out with a bang!” - Special Interaction: Jinx killing an enemy with ult or rocket launcher, and Nevir get's the assist. Taunt: - “ I could beat you, with a broken sword.” - “ No bounty on your head? Not worth my time” Taunt: Caitlyn - “Got a nice hat there, mind if I cut it?” - “Trying to catch me? You can't even catch Jinx!” Surviving: Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole: - “Learn to aim!” - Adrenaline Bar > 50% - “Were you aiming at me?” Adrenaline Bar < 50% Taunt: Vi - “ Think your hands are solid enough?” - “Nice hands. Mind if I slice them!” - Adrenaline Bar > 50% Killing Vi: - “Better luck next time Fat Hands!” “Seriously! Who would want to hunt Poros?!” - In-game, when a Poro is near (Braum/Aram). “That was worth the detour.” In-game; Receive assist for a contract Ally kill. “You're not getting away!” - In-game; Activating “Dual Wielding: 2nd Active”. “End of the line!” - In-game; Using Super Mega Wind Slash. Laugh: Holds back once, then burst out laughing, holding her stomach. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.
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