Akali patch 9.14

{{champion:84}} In my opinion Akali in patch 9.14 is bad. On first place i wish Riot would give her true stealth back. Without this thing she can be counter very easy (like by using TF ulti, rengar ulti and many other things like this). Also in this patch she have a bug that allows player to AA her or use ability "point and click" for 0.5 - 1 second after she enter her shroud. this is so annoying. I think Riot must fix this quickly because it can happen on ranked. For other Akali changes I would: [Remove] When Akali is in shroud and that ability is 1 second before end, the screen gets brighter [Add] If Akali is uder efect of "true sight", the screen gets brighter [Add] If Akali have R available, She can see if enemy is low enough to get executed by her R2 I think these changes would help her. (PRJECT: Akali chromas are bad BTW)
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