I need 4 RP for Snowman Yi so I drew a lovely picture :)

[](https://imgur.com/HQ3OUud) I drew a beautiful picture of Snowman{{champion:11}} with his friends {{champion:54}} and{{champion:33}} hanging out somewhere pink so that Riot hopefully give me the 4 RP I am missing for the Snowman Yi skin (It came up in My Shop - must have..). **The story:** Yi died while he was in Alpha because Rammus had red buff and now he is **really tilted**, and is probably going to die again any moment now because he is so **super tilted**. Rammus doesn't care, he was picked solely to counter Yi, and is having a great day (just like every day for Rammus). Malphite is happy because his ult has just come off cooldown and he is going to ult Yi as soon as he completes his first alpha strike. Rammus knows this and approves. To say I am artistically challenged is an understatement, and Paint is not the most forgiving of drawing software, so plz don't judge me too hard :) and also plz Riot gift me the 4RP that I shed blood sweat and tears for. Details:: "XL BENCH PRESS" : EUW

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