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Greetings, as I guess you might know, I'm gonna talk about the new arcade skins. Let's begin, the arcade 2019 skins has been released some hours ago, I have to admit that they don't look bad (Except Yasuo's) but come on, let's be honest you and me, it's not ok, Kai'Sa got too much skins in a year, and even if it looks greate, Qiyana's... well, could have got another skin and instead of her put another champ (Xerath, Vel'Koz, Taric, Ornn, ...). Let's take a quick look about the 1000 days club. Udyr: 1533 days Skarner and Xerath: 1507 Zilean: 1493 Mordekaiser: 1483 Rek'Sai: 1447 Kassadin: 1336 And many other champs... (You can check it [here]( What I want to say is that they should start taking more care about the whole community because afterall we are who gives the money and thanks to us, League of Legends makes tons of money. Ofc I'm not saying that they should do what we want bc of that, no, but I just ask a little of atention to other unpopular champs like that 1000 days club and others, it's just not right that champs reaches 600-700-800 days... I feel like they are starting to become common company, they barely release skins for unpopular and even half-played champs, if you don't belive me, just check it by urself, look at the popular champs and then look at the others, not just the ammount of skins is way different, also the quality of it. For example, Battlecast Xerath and then look at Battlecast Cho'Gath or Kog'Maw, they look very well but Xerath's just looks like a red Xerath with a KFC bucket as head... Thanks for your time and atention, have a nice day.
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