i start hating again lol

Please let me start with this : It's not your foult riot I start to hate again lol because i can't play a normal game , I CAN'T ! if i play a nomal game it must be 1/2/3 players losing the interest ALL TIME ! , (i want to make myself clear) ALL TIME ! .... they lose interest all they say it's this : it's normal game ... and they act like they don't care , do what they want , %%%% up the game legit ... just because it's normal game ... the problem it's yeah it is normal game but still we play for like 30 minutes + it's just a waste a time and effort and stress and again waste of time 30 minutes+ .... now i know what you think riot : But why don't you surrender ? BECAUSE they will not surrender and it's not like well 1 person will not surrender but still 4 can surrender NO because there will be alll time allllllllll time 1 more person to press NO when the score it's like 30+ vs 7 Again it's not your faoul but i was thinking maybe just maybe add a feature abut this normal game the people are giving up and i can't enjoy of one normal game ... I was thinking about if you lose a normal game you lose -100 blue essence too but then i was think , a player can give up because he have all the champs soo he does not care about losing -100 blue essence ... sooo the player will still lose interest and give up soo it's not a good ideea ( but i'm hoping you riot might see my vision of what i want to ilustrate ) Now after all you might think : But why don't you play ranked game ? ... it's very simple i care about my division and sometimes i just want too enjoy a normal game by not getting stress that i might lose lp
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