Make Soulstealer a true skinline... more Skins please

Soulstealer {{champion:8}} and Soulstealer {{champion:67}} are Amazing also their Splash Arts too , tip reminds me the Fel Magic, Demons and Demon Hunters also (Illidan Stormrage) from World of Warcraft Legion in some way I think Soulstealer have potential to be a true skinline, more Soulstealer skins are welcome for me ^^ Tip imagine Soulstealer {{champion:25}} as Legendary skin with cool Black and Green magic effects, Green eyes and some Green Tattoos also a good par of Amazing Demon wings, also Soulstealer {{champion:10}} as Epic skin with Black and Green effects is welcome too ^^ I like the skins and i think this had potential for more of them :) {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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