Aatrox Rework !

The Aatrox rework , I made(Updated_0.7): Latest version of this topic Here : https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/I5EkFkv5-aatrox-rework-101recreated-idea Check it out **Passive(blood Well)**: aatrox got a bar of (**rage**) when ever it fills to 50% aatrox start gaining more attack speed , the bar is **_white_** under **50%** turning to **_red_**, if passive is **active** and **_yellow_** *if the passive is in cooldown* Aatrox upon dying sacrifices his rage to revive in battlefield if he got rage bar up to 60%or more, he looses the amount of rage till aatrox reaches **30%** rage and starts stacking it up again more than **50%** to gain _Attack speed_ buff . . . **{{champion:266}} Q(death aim)**: Aatrox spins 360° in a 0.4s channelling (reduced by leveling),throwing his sword forward in a streat line dealing damage to whatever it hits except wards falling in an end area (skill shot) **_"like shyvana e in dragon form"_** staying there for 2s , Aatrox in** non armed action** ,his hand glows with magma fire punches with his hands gaining reduced amount of fury BUT dealing (**Burn**)"like{{item:3151}} 's effect" in every basicAttack he deals and lacking the stack of **W** . . Recasting **Q** will make Aatrox FLY to the sword's (in 0.2s) landing point pushing any units in his way aside hitting the ground in area around him slowing enemies around ((_or knocking them up_ Or _Knocking them in as Aatrox speed travel creates a wind sorrow sucking enemies to him)) gaining his Sword and armed position back * **Other situations**: If Aatrox got CC-ed ,or not recasting in the **3**s after first cast Will make the sword rush back to him in a Straight line dealing damage to whatever it hits gaining a stack of **W** ability ** . . . . ** **{{champion:266}} W(Blood thirst,blood price)**: Aatrox switches between 2 fight styles . . **Blood thirst** : Aatrox hadles his aword with 1 hand gaining hp on his 3rd attack((unchanged)) * When Aatrox's Sword draws back to him it stacks whenever it hits 3 units it will give him the healing stack ** . . ** **Blood price**: Aatrox reposition himself handling the sword with 2 hands and the sword spikes rise Straight dealing amount of +damage every 3rd attack ((animation changed)) * When Aatrox's Sword draws back to him it stacks whenever it hits 3 units it will give him the +damage stack . . ** .** **{{champion:266}} E(destruction)**: Aatrox fires 3 Moving waves of flames (3 casts ability) If casted under (1.2s) every wave after the 1st wave casted gets larger and deals more damage IF NOT , Aatrox fires 3 waves , every wave got 3s timer before the ability cancels gaining reduced cool down on the amount of waves not casted * ((Waves order and casting animation : ↗,↖,↪)) . . . **{{champion:266}} R(massacre)**: Aatrox **slams **with his mighty sword in the ground ((stabbing action)) dealing **area **damage around him giving a slow for whatever it hits , aatrox pulls his sword from the ground **stretching **it to give Aatrox more attack range and the sword from the impact **_glows _**with raging fire giving Aatrox more attack speed applying (**Burn**)with his basic attacks . . * ((**Animation and damage order**: Aatrox animation of slamming and pulling =0.3s Or 0.4s)) . . * The area of damage **spread **from Aatrox point when and after he slams the ground = 0.1s "almoust instantly" in area close to Aatrox **(300)** continues to **spread ** after to cover the whole range **(550)** in 0.3s)) . . I hope u like it, give me your opinion about it in a comment down ,and i hope the dev team reach this and give me there thoughts about it :) . . The rework is more like game play rework with i wish a visual rework to the sword * **Artwork not provided** (maybe not yet i can't digital art,till i try to make on paper Clarification drawings) > {{champion:266}} "Hesitation is death."

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