Star Guardian Rengar

A lot of people play {{champion:107}} but he hasn't got any good skins.I have the ultimate idea for a skins.The new star guarding skins opened an opportunity for him to have the best skin in the whole game!!!Yes that's right-Star Guarding Rengar The Ultimate Skin!(please make it 975rp i am poor) I have some ideas for the spells Passive:When he jumps he leaves a rainbow behind him Q:nothing W:Stars rise and glow around him E:When the enemy is slowed they leave a small track of stars behind R:There no longer will be a "!" insted there will be a Star on it's place Here is a rare picture of a cosplay who supports my idea completely and almost without resistance: Thank you for your time and i hope you liked it!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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