Change the ranked LP system to punish people who afk

Ok, I'm going to preface this with the fact that I have had many games that have practically been unwinnable due to an afk. I just had it happen last night to me which has prompted me to write this. This is something that has been floating around in my head for awhile now. Could it not be possible for people who have an afk (I realise that people staying in the game is impossible to figure out, but people that physically disconnect from the game) to get reduced LP losses? Or for the afk to get increased LP losses? Just because something has not gone someone's way, such as them not getting the role they want, and leaving the game forcing you to 4v5 (which should never be winnable) other people should not be punished for it. And it should even work the other way around. If the 4v5 team wins then the afk should get reduced LP gains. I've had games where I've dc'd (playing when 5 other people are using the internet is not as stable as I'd like, luckily it is few and far between now) I have not noticed any sort of punishment, even though I would actually rather take some of the LP loss of my teammates and take it for myself because it is basically my fault for the loss. Just something that I thought that would be nice to implement. On a side note, I also realise that this may cause some people to troll in game rather than just afk but at least there will be footage of it so they might lose more than just LP (week ban or something like that)

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