Big Annoucement for Riot. Realistic Quinn and Valor Photoshoot

!!**UPDATE**!! See comment below! Hi Riot and everyone! Nice to meet you guys, my name is Lightz. Im a (freelance) model and soon streamer at Twitch and YouTube. And I have a huge annoucement which I think you guys will be interested to hear about. Me and my photoshoot team are working on a realistic version of Quinn and Valor for a photoshoot. It's not going to be cosplay but more like a real human movie version of her. Think of the style like Game of Thrones and the new Warcraft movie. The costume will be made out of armor and ofcourse with a real Valor! The costume designer is going to be Fairytas, and this girl has a huge talent. She already did an amazing job on my costume for one my previous photoshoots. Here is a picture from my Dragon costume she did made: Anyways, I bet you guys are now excited to hear about this project, Atleast I hope so. Who knows maybe this will even inspire you guys so much to make a real skin for her in the game, after seeing the photo's. I would be really honored if that is going to happen. The photo's will be published on my Facebook page around October or November this year. My Facebook page: Fairytas page: And one example of her work with a armor costume: Please let me know what you think about this project guys :) And ofcourse you too Riot! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} -LightzZero
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