Axel, The Hextech Skater

Still a work in progress but I wanted some initial feedback :3 Thank You Axel: The Hextech Skater (WIP) AD Assassin Resource: None **Abilities** **Passive: Hoverskate:** After leaving combat for 3 seconds, Axel mounts his hoverskate gaining bonus damage on his next auto attack and can move through units. Bonus damage: equal to 5/10/15% of total AD **Q: Jump Step:** Axel jumps to a target. Can be Ally or Enemy. Cooldown: 7 seconds on ally, 3 seconds on enemy. **W: Quick Hit:** Axel charges his sword increasing his attack speed and making his next basic attack to slice his target dealing bonus damage. Cooldown: 10 seconds Damage Bonus: 10/15/20/25/30% of total AD **E: Thrill:** Axel builds thrill whilst in combat. Thrill charges his basic attacks causing them to deal bonus damage on hit up to a cap of 5. Champion kills increase the cap of thrill by 1. Bonus damage per stack: 2/4/6/8/10 **R: This was fun:** Axel throws a Hexbomb up in the air marking all enemy champions in an area around him. If a champion is below 50% health when the mark is placed upon them, they will take instant damage and still have the mark. Those who are not under a certain amount of health will keep the mark, causing Axels next form of damage to them to be amplified but consuming the mark. The mark lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 90/80/70 seconds Instant Damage: 150/175/200 (+50% AD) Basic Attack bonus: 25/50/75% bonus damage **Clothing** Short black jacket with light green around the edges Black ¾ length trousers with a green mechanical pendant attached to the left pocket Black boots with a single green strip going down the centre of each one Black fingerless gloves with green knuckle pads Engineer goggles with black frames and light green visor worn on his head Hair is dark brown and spiked back with one larger spike sticking up/ out Hoverskate is black on the edges and forming a cross through the centre, translucent green fills the main body Sword has a black and green handle and cross guard with a silver and green blade. **Lore** _From a young age, Axel was a prodigy in the art of machinery and Hextech creations. His father ran a small business in Piltover, building small contraptions and devices and it was through this practice that Axel learned about the mechanical side of life more specifically the use of Hex technology. He quickly worked his way through all of his father’s tools, and upon reaching his Sixteenth birthday had been granted his own workspace in his father’s station and it was here he designed and built his signature Hoverskate._ _The device he named Lexa was what his reputation had been built upon, using it to fly around Piltover causing unintentional disruption to its citizens, law enforcements and criminals alike. But none of that seemed to bother him, as he was always prepared to face any challenge or obstacle in his way. It was this outlandish behaviour and drive for excitement that drove him away from the upholded formal state of Piltover and instead to somewhere he could really have fun…_ _-Life’s just a little bit boring, until I crash the scene-_ _Axel_ Note: Lexa is both Axels' Hoverskate and Sword, it changes between the two when his passive becomes active or deactive. The sword version of Lexa is a shortsword Axel likes Jinxs' personality but dislikes her methods, he respects Heimerdinger and gets on well with Vi (although Vi is usually the one to stop him) He dislikes the majority of Zaunites, except for Jinx and Ekko (Jinxs' personality and Ekkos' use of technology) He thinks Jayce and Viktors rivalry is petty.

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