Remove the nexus blitz

Usually you can lose but still be happy and win but still be angry/sad, but in this mode you are permanently angry/sad. You just mixed all your game modes to make "smoothie" which we will drink with pleasure, BUT OH NO you forgot to put the lid on the blender and now the smoothie is everywhere in the room.Then you gave us the part which is still in the blender, this part is full with bugs,and the bad things from every mode. Now we are drinking it like "meh, i could be worse" instead "NO, it can be better". This, this is not "experimental mode" you just have no ideas and someone said "Hey, what if we take the "fun" part of every mode to make a new RGM?". But that's not the problem, it's not nexus blitz, everyone has a moments,day or even months without ideas.The problem is you think "we must change the game about each month with some nerfs and buffs or other things", NO, You just make the game worse, take the dark harvest for example, the old dark harvest was perfect- there were champions which were always bad with DH and champions always good with DH, but now it's like win-lose,win-lose, it's not permanent.If you don't know how to change it don't change it! I see you have good site for our feedbacks,ideas and reports which we use everyday. All of the players here are trying to help you, they are not here to ask you for rp. But this site is like new year promise. Let's return to the DH- graves, the champion, not "champion" the "the champion".His keystone was dark harvest, everyone knew that. Now... Now league of legends is like all other games, it reached it's peak in season 7. And even fortnite is going down, but you, you Riot still have a chance to make the game better. BUT DON'T TOUCH THE NEW RANKED SYSTEM! Just read the ideas, not only the bug reports. Actually i started this like discussion for nexus blitz, but there are many things in this discussion and i don't know how to change the title(what will be new title) so i won't change it.
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