[CHAMPION CONCEPT] Eos- Spear of Light

P: Light Spear: Each auto attack stacks marks on the enemy maximum 10 - that can be procced by his abilities to deal extra magic damage. Q: Lightning Slash: Long projectile ability that deals damage to all in It’s path/ 30/60/80/120/150 + 120% of AD CD: 14/12/10/7/5 W: Shield of Light: Gains shield that blocks the next ability or aa used on him. Leveling up: 1 Spell or 1 AA/ 1 Spell and 1 AA/ 2 Spells and 1 AA/ 2 Spells 2 AA/ 3 Spells and 2 AA. CD: 20/17/15/12/10 E: Lightning Charge: Charges onto enemy dealing 40/60/90/120/170 + 100% AP R: Lightning God’s Rage: Gains extra range on auto attacks, AA spreads out lightning ( similar to voli R ) Gains 20%/40%/80% Attack Speed and 170% Movement speed for 4/6/8 seconds CD: 100/70/50 seconds Runes: Conqueror - Triumph - Legend: Bloodline - Coup de Grace Domination: Sudden Impact - Ravenous Hunter Example Build: Guinsoo’s Rageblade - Hextech Gunblade - Statikk Shiv - Titanic Hydra - Guardian Angel - Ninja Tabi

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