Melissa - The Phantom princess (trying to give ideas for champion 2)

Melissa - The Phantom Princess Melissa is a an AP based champion that uses her ghosts to confuse the enemy. Melissa can swap positons with her ghosts if needed. Passive- Denny - Melissa's dead twin sister.She is invulnerable and invisible.She can wander on her own giving vision around her but cannot go too far from Melissa. Every X seconds while in battle Denny will take over Melissa's body to raise the AP,MR,Armor,Hp and Mov.Speed for X seconds. Q - Cherry- Cherry gets summoned, takes over Melissa's body and fires a shot in a line. The shot avoids minions and neutral monsters, hitting only champions but the damage gets reduced for every champion hit. The shot leaves a burn effect on all champions hit.After leaving Melissa's body, Cherry stays visible in the spot where she was summoned for X seconds. W - Ledo- Ledo gets summoned, takes over Melissa's body and gives her a shield for X seconds. After the Shield wears off or gets destroyed, Mellisa can reactivate the ability so Ledo can stun her opponent before going back to the underworld.If the skill does not get reactivated then Ledo quickly runs towards the base or the closest ally teammate withing a radius. E - Swap - On activation Mellisa chooses an available ghost to swap positions with. Melissa can choose to swap positions with Cherry or Ledo. If non of the two are active,upon reactivation, Melissa swaps possitions with Denny who becomes visible and Melissa becomes invisible instead. R - I see dead people - Melissa activates her passive and summons Cherry and Ledo instantly.Cherry and Ledo choose the the closest enemy champions and attack them. If the enemy champions are bellow X% hp then they get executed instantly. If Melissa dies while her ultimate is active, Denny becomes available for X seconds to use all abilities that Melissa could, with the diffrence that "I see dead people" will now cause fear to all enemy champions in game. Story: Melissa was a girl that lived with her family.She and her twin sister were adopted by Cherry and Ledo.They lived happily in a small village on a mountain. One day an unusually big storm visited the village. The storm was so big that it started killing everyone.A big portal to the underworld was opened and the dead were sucked in one after another. Through the portal Melissa could see the Reapers and the underworld creatures. The storm ended after a while, but the portal was yet to close. Melissa, the last survivor in the village, saw her family in the portal and without thinking, rushed in to save them. Without hesitation she went through the portal, and convinced her family to come with her. But the reaper did not let her escape.They tried to kill her so that she can join the others as a ghost.Her family though protected her.Together, with the power of love, they managed to kill all the Reapers.Thus, as the only human alive in the underworld, she became the Princess. One day her powers became so strong that she managed to open the portal and come out.That day she swore to bannish all evil in this world.But as she was in the human world again, she was left without powers.Now she depends on her family to help her achieve that goal.And even though she herself is not able to use magic, she still can control the dead to do her bidding. ~So this is it.My second idea for a champion. (Cerastes - The Bloody Snake, was my first).Again, I did not think of any stats, I will leave that to the pros.Then again I guess I dont have to think of stats, as I am simply giving ideas. If you have any ideas on how to make this better or if you have any questions regarding her kit, feel free to ask in the comment section. I will be posting more ideas later, hope you people like these kind of things. Again sorry for the long post, no potato for you.Have fun on the Fields of Justice :D

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